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The gap fillers……The bridge builders….. the full leadership package.

VAC – Comprehensive Leadership Solutions

The gap fillers……The bridge builders….. the full leadership package.

Are your top people trained in leadership?  In finance?  In self-awareness and self-management?  In the principles of the crucial conversation, in generating accountability and trust?

Have you promoted competent and highly skilled people assuming that they will also be great leaders?  Are there gaps in their skills affecting performance?  

The culture of your leadership team mirrors the organisational culture.  What does that show you?

What do we offer?

We offer a bridge between theory and practice

We offer to bridge the skills between management and leadership

We offer to make the complex easy

We offer our commitment to you beyond the actual delivery

We offer a combine over 80 years experience in leadership training!

We offer assimilation and a fun and honest learning environment

We offer personality assessment tools

We offer interviews, coaching, mediation and facilitation

We offer ongoing comprehensive package solutions to one-hour sessions

How are we different?

We all three have extensive corporate experience as well as academic.  

We are committed to learning, to change and to contributing to a high level of leadership within Australia. 

Our fee is on delivery, there are no unexpected fees. 

How do connect with us?

You contact Charlotte 0432724764 for an initial conversation about your needs.

What do we promise?

Our track record shows our commitment, our expertise and ability to facilitate.  We promise you that we are 100% on your side even if you are not!

Who are we?

VAC – Vikki, Adrian and Charlotte

V – Verifiable & Visionary

A – Accommodative & Attuned

C – Committed and Clear

Who have we worked with already and what are they saying?

From large corporates to small businesses and from universities to government organisations to private companies, we have done it all and across all industries. 

Get in touch today for an initial conversation about your needs: Contact Charlotte at 0432724764.

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