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charlotte thaarup informal mindfulness at work audios

Practicing Mindfulness Informally at Work

In this audio series, Charlotte talks with Michael Bunting about practicing mindfulness informally.

The teachings of mindfulness include practices like meditation, following the breath, being attentive to the body. But what about the rest of your life, or during your usual workday?

Mindfulness was never intended to be taught just as a formal meditation practice, it was actually all about being mindful and present in the entirety of our lives.

The original teachings speak of being mindful in every single moment, because at its foundation, mindfulness is defined by continuous presence in the continuous present. We then get the extraordinary benefits to the body, to the nervous system, to the brain. We develop profound levels of wisdom and regulation.

You could just say that mindfulness practice, informally, is to just be present in your daily life. But it’s not easy when we are busy and distracted by everything that happens in the day.

We live in a world that has never been more hectic. And of course, our brain changes through what we pay attention to. So, in a more chaotic world, when the brain naturally gears up, there can be negative bias in our exposure to information and experience.

Our brains are trying to deal with this incredible onslaught of information and stress, and in that process, we tend to become more and more reactive.

The more reactive we are, the less calm we are. And then we feel overwhelmed.

This is where small, informal practices become helpful. They remind us to be mindful in our daily lives and give us little ways of claiming our calm space.

Informal Mindfulness in the Workplace

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