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Tools and strategies to feel better, stronger, more resilient and less overwhelmed


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What is mindful caring?

Mindful Caring is a resource for you and your team if you educate or care for children. This program is designed to promote personal and professional wellbeing, enabling educators to be more mindful of themselves, their colleagues and the children they work with.

Throughout the program, educators and teams will engage in practical experiences to enhance mindfulness in their everyday work lives and increase workplace harmony and connectedness.

Mindful Caring provides coping tools and strategies to deal with day-to-day workplace stresses, so that you enjoy your life more and feel healthier, happier and more balanced. Participants in Mindful Caring found they were:

  • Better able to recognise and deal with stress
  • Better able to reduce conflict
  • More mindful when having difficult conversations
  • Feeling more connected to their team, the families and especially to children.

The program will not only benefit you, but everyone you interact with.

Charlotte describes the benefits of mindful caring

The Mindful Caring program is delivered through eight video and audio sessions accompanied by a manual/workbook, plus optional facilitator workshops. There are a variety of program packages available, and we would love to discuss the unique requirements of you and your organisation.

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What this program has to offer

Mindfulness is a root construct for change, meaning there are many flow-on effects from engaging with mindfulness. People often say that following the program their home life has become calmer, kinder and better. Others say that they feel less frustrated and lose their temper less. Some people notice that they have lost weight or have become more sensitive to things, or more grateful.  

Mindful Caring integrates the latest research in neuroscience with the ancient practice of mindfulness and Charlotte Thaarup’s many years of experience working with clients and groups. The program is experiential. It is a journey of discovery about yourself, your habits, and the world around you.

Want to get mindfulness working for your centre?

We offer a choice of options to get mindfulness working for your childcare community


We offer online courses for self-paced learning with video and audio sessions accompanied by a manual and workbook.

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Train the Trainer

Our Mindful Caring train-the-trainer programs empower participants to impart their knowledge and skills within their childcare community.

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Tailored Programs

We can tailor a program for your organisation. Contact us to discuss the your organisation’s unique requirements.

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