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Are you worried that thoughts and relationship challenges will fester and pester your Christmas?

No other time of the year has the potential to create a stronger collision between our expectations and reality than Christmas.  This gap brings with it a race to breach the gap.  We feel stress as we rush around and work hard not only to finish work for the year but also to have all the right presents and all the food prepared while navigating at times complicated family dynamics.  


When we do hygge we feel that all is well.  We feel safe and calm.  There is a sense of comfort, kindness, harmony and belonging.  Hygge is about a quality of togetherness or a quality of time.  It is life-quality.  This means we are activating the ‘Connected/Contented’ network.  It is part ‘reward’ for our work but it is also a reprieve from work and a way to switch off from being productive, from doing, from achieving. Hygge is a different way of being.
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