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Dear Body book

Dear Body Book

The relationship within is the well from which our life experience flows. We tend to live in disconnect, in avoidance, or lost in thought. What if the harsh critical voice within can be replaced with a kinder, gentler internal experience? What if the key to more inner peace, grace, and joy is right under our noses?

I have worked in the space of transformation for close to thirty years, have trained in many modalities, and yet the repeated feedback I get is very much about a little practice and an attitude within the self that I call Dear Body.

This book highlights what it costs us to be disconnected from the body in terms of anxiety, how we treat the body, not being able to say ‘no’, spiralling into panic attacks, and being beholden to old trauma. It also shows how this change in the inner relationship can bring more joy, calm, insight, and wisdom.

This book will not “fix” you, simply because there is nothing wrong with you. “You are perfect and yet there is room for improvement.” You will never be more perfect than you are now, but you can make some changes so you experience it and know it. You are not fixing something, rather you are finding a way of setting yourself free of that which does not serve you and in doing so a kinder self-relationship can emerge.

My aim is for this book to be your guide in bringing you home, back to gentleness and tenderness for your dear body, to a calmer state, to emotional intelligence, to empowerment, gratitude, and compassion. This journey will return you to more grace and authenticity; to where you belong.


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