The changing workplace

The rapid rate of technology development means that we are experiencing information overload and ever-increasing pressure from nearly every aspect of our lives. Our workplace and personal lives are impacted to the point where we are in a constant state of overwhelm and stress.

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Why mindfulness is needed in today’s workplace

A stressful workplace is proven to substantially reduce productivity, restrict creativity and job satisfaction, and in the bigger picture, increase workplace and management pressure. It can also increase team member absenteeism, trigger 70% of doctor visits and 85% of serious illness.

Investing in workplace mindfulness training is a game changing decision that can alter the direction of your organisation. Reducing stress and stress-related illness changes the culture of how your team respond to being at work.

Worldwide studies are consistent in showing that mindfulness in your workplace alleviates unhealthy habits while developing and strengthening positive ones. It provides a strong basis to improve every aspect of the workplace and could be one of the most cost-effective decisions you will make in your business.

Proven benefits of mindfulness

Recent research in neuroscience and on mindfulness demonstrates conclusively mindfulness training leads to:

  • Greater resilience, productivity and ability to cope under pressure
  • Higher levels of job satisfaction and employee management
  • Enhanced creativity and proactivity in the workplace
  • Improved relationships and teamwork

  • Lower levels of stress and illness related absenteeism

  • Improved abilities to address conflict in the workplace

Many progressive organisations including Google, Apple and Harvard University are using mindfulness training. They are seeing benefits like a more focused workforce, better teamwork, reduced absenteeism, more creativity and innovation, increased efficiency and less stressed individuals. Importantly, it has been a huge factor in significantly improving the bottom line.

Charlotte describes the workplace benefits of mindfulness

Mindfulness endorsed

“If you want to transform an organisation it’s not about changing systems and processes so much as it’s about changing the hearts and minds of people. Mindfulness is one of the all-time most brilliant technologies for helping to alleviate human suffering and for bringing out our extraordinary potential as human beings.” – Pamela Weiss, Founder of Appropriate Response

Want to get mindfulness working for your organisation?

We offer a choice of pathways to get mindfulness working for you and your workplace:

Online Course

Mindfulness@Work online is comprised of six weekly video sessions and accompanying manual, plus there are mindfulness practice audios to accompany your journey.

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Our workshops bring the mindfulness experience to your workplace with the aim of creating an active and enjoyable learning environment for your team members.

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Our coaching brings mindfulness at a more personal level to your business for a more powerful change by tailoring it to your specific needs.

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Retreats offer an opportunity to step away from the workplace and experience immersion into mindfulness practice. Being away from the day-to-day stress and pressure brings about powerful and lasting change.

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