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The Mindfulness Clinic and Kartini Project helping educate children in Bali




Mindfulness simply means being in the present moment and we know that living in the present moment allows you to create the future and life that you want.

With this in mind, we are committed to helping the next generation create a better future.

Our retreats have run at the incredible Zen Resort in Bali. It is a place of pure beauty, simplicity and peace, which brings us to how we give back to the community we work in.


Many Australians have enjoyed the amazing hospitality of the Balinese.  You might have very fond memories of a holiday, a retreat, and meeting lovely people in a relaxed easy going culture. 

Since COVID-19 the situation in Bali has been very challenging. Incomes have vanished and for many it has been hard to access the basics including food. As a consequence we have extended our Kartini Project – originally aimed at keeping young girls at school, who due to financial hardship would have been forced to leave and find work – to include boys whose families can’t support them in their education and anyone in acute need of food.

Our model works through direct help, with no admin costs at all. Our Ms Budiani at the Zen Resort identifies the need and organises what is necessary. It is a simple model that is easily replicated.

The Kartini Project

The Manager of the Zen resort Bali Ms Budiani and Charlotte Thaarup started ‘Kartini” in 2012. 

The project came about as it was clear that in general girls in Bali are not first priority when it comes to education. Some families simply do not have the money to continue their daughters’ education.  Kartini was designed to ensure that young girls who wanted to stay at school would have the opportunity to do so.  This was done through paying their school fees, and covering the cost of clothing, shoes and other necessary items.

For most years the program has supported twelve girls. Teachers and principals at two local schools helped Ms Budiani identify the girls to be sponsored, based on their financial circumstances and their wishes to stay at school.

Sponsorship covered their uniforms, shoes, schoolbooks and additional costs that arise during the year. They were also set up with the necessary basic equipment to complete the school year.

Ms Budiani is the girls’ study mother. She keeps them accountable for doing homework and studying, and supports them when necessary.

The girls have also benefited from English classes, provided by the beautiful Tina from Germany, as well as IT training.

During Covid, Kartini ceased taking in new students and all funds went to support the staff at Zen with food supplies.

Kartini Stage 2

It is now time for Stage Two of Kartini. Kartini will become a registered foundation, meaning that donations will be tax deductable.

Stage Two also involves new projects. Kartini will acquire a shop front in Umeanya village to sell products made by local women. This will provide an opportunity for them to earn their own money and to develop further skills.

Another Stage Two project is designed to support young people who would like to get a Diploma in Tourism by paying their college fees. As a way of ‘paying back’, they will have to commit to working in the shop for a certain number of hours. This will enable them to get a reference, as well as to practise their English and computer skills, and gaining retail skills. It is envisioned that the shop proceeds will eventually be able to support the school fee component of Kartini so that the project will be self-funded.

A possible additional project is to deliver products to Australian-based businesses.

How you can help

If you would like to be part of this exciting development then join us for the Mindful Leadership Retreat in August 2023 where you will be able to contribute your skills to best support this little project.

You will engage with Kartini girls and interns as well as connecting with Mr Edi, the Major of the village, and Ms Budiani MD of Zen Resort.

Many things need to be organised and many skills are needed:

• Web design and graphic design

• Marketing, advertising

• Retail – costing – display

• Procedures, policies and agreements

• Financials

• Ongoing tutoring/mentoring

• Other?

If you would like to develop your Mindful Leadership skills and be part of this exciting project, our 2023 Bali leadership retreat is for you.

A note from Charlotte

If you feel that this is something you would like to be part of and cannot attend retreat, please contact me directly via email and we can talk about how it could work.

Hear from some of the girls who have benefited from the Kartini Project

Our students

Some of our Keeping Girls at School programme participants


Raden Adjeng Kartini (21 April 1879 – 17 September 1904) was a prominent Javanese and an Indonesian national heroine. She wrote about her views of the social conditions of native Indonesian women. She wanted women to have the freedom to learn and study, and much of her writing was protesting the tendency of Javanese culture to impose obstacles to the development of women. Kartini’s letters also expressed her hopes for support from overseas.