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Mindfulness Retreats in Australia, Hunter Valley NSW, New Zealand and Bali

Experience the power of total mindfulness at one of our immersive retreats. These retreats can be the perfect tonic to a busy year, a fabulous starting point for your mindfulness journey, or a place to focus and refine your use of mindfulness principles and techniques so you can take them back to your home or workplace. Our retreats provide you with the tools, the encouragement, the environment and the support to experience the full power of mindfulness.

Are Mindfulness Retreats for you?

At times do you feel that life is just one big rush?
Do you feel overwhelmed like you never get everything done?
Do you feel short with those you love?
Do you find it hard to get a good night’s sleep?
Would you like further inspiration professionally?
Have you heard and read a little about mindfulness and would like to experience it in a deeper way and get the tools to integrate mindfulness into your daily life?
Would you like a break to recalibrate, reflect and recharge?
Do you want the best massages in the most exquisite surroundings, and do you want the wisdom of mindfulness and for your heart to be reinvigorated?

Upcoming Retreats

Delight Catching | Mindful Living, Nature, Art and Love | October 2024 Retreat

October 23 - October 27
Enjoy this relaxing Mindfulness retreat focusing on delight, realising joy, contentment and gratitud...

Charlotte describes the benefits of mindfulness retreats

Mindful Living Retreats

Our Mindful Living Retreats combine your complete mindfulness program with massage, yoga, a beautiful environment and plenty of warmth and kindness.

  • Enjoy marvellous massages, yoga and wonderful food
  • Experience different types of mindfulness (attention training, body scan,
    mindful self-enquiry, loving kindness, walking meditation and yoga)
  • Gain an improved understanding of mindfulness theory and technique
  • Learn about Buddhist psychology

  • Discuss current research on mindfulness and neuroplasticity
  • Practice mindful communication to improve relationships and resolve conflict
  • Discuss negative bias and how to actively work on regaining more balance in your general outlook
  • Explore the role of mindfulness training for self-care and stress management

These programs are run on an ongoing sign up basis. You will be contacted as soon as the group will run with dates and hopefully it works for you. Imagine going on a retreat with some of your best friends! Get a group together yourself, this way you have more influence on the date.

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Mindful Leadership Retreats

Have you proven that you know your job on a practical, technical or intellectual level and feel it’s time to hone in on your inner strengths, on the interpersonal, and on the core leadership attitudes and skills? Then, a Mindful Leadership retreat is for you.

Our Mindful Leadership retreats are designed for leaders and managers in operational roles, for business owners, HR and learning and development professionals, finance sector professionals, sales and marketing professionals, coaches, and anyone seeking to better manage their workload and personal life.

Mindful Leadership Program Learning Outcomes:

  • Ability to implement the key leadership traits that determine effective leadership
  • Ability to keep calm, focused and creative in an ever-changing work environment
  • Increased clarity and focus, improved physical wellbeing, increased physical, emotional and mental resilience
  • Increased self-awareness and self-mastery, increased compassion for self and others

Run at any time as 3-day or 7-day retreats. Get a group together or get on the list!  Cost 3-day $495 or 7-day $995.

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Dear Body - Mindful Eating Retreats

Our Dear Body – Mindful Eating Retreats provide you with the tools and a way of changing the relationship with your body, weight and food forever. Charlotte Thaarup is one of only a handful of people in Australia trained in mindful eating, and this life-changing program has been researched with great results.

These retreats are for you if are sick of the relentless inner dialogue around your body and food, and would like to stop dieting and allow your body to find its happy weight.

The benefits of reconnecting with the body include:

  • More presence and greater calm
  • Increased ability to emotionally regulate and self manage
  • Ability to pre-empt emotions and thoughts
  • Increased sense of internal freedom
  • Coming into alignment with our weight and food intake
  • Healing old pains and overcoming dislike of the body
  • Increased self compassion

There is a correlation between high mindfulness and a lower incidence of obesity, being more physically active, and binge eating less.

After a mindful eating program participants show:

  • Decreases in food cravings
  • Reduced dichotomous thinking/black-or-white thinking
  • Reduced body image concerns
  • Reduced emotional eating
  • Cognitive restraint around eating

Mindful eating programs have resulted in statistically significant decreases in weight, binge eating, depression and perceived stress.

When you combine your complete mindfulness program with massage, yoga, a beautiful environment and plenty of warmth and kindness, the time spent at a revitalising retreat provides you with an unforgettable experience – a treasured milestone in your mindfulness journey.

Past-Participant Testimonials

Hear from some mindfulness retreat participants