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Take a journey of discovery about yourself, your eating habits, and the relationship you have with your body


Dear Body - Mindful Eating

Do you want to step away from dieting and enjoy a new awareness of your body and a healthier relationship with food?

Anti-fat prejudice is a global reality. Being overweight or obese is associated with laziness and lack of self-control, which leads to anxiety, self-loathing and shame.

The Mindfulness Clinic’s program, Dear Body – Mindful Eating, is aimed at facilitating a shift from having a cognitive relationship with the body, which is coloured by cultural stereotypes, to a sensory relationship with the body which is a kind and intimate experience.

The program uses mindfulness and mindful eating to support a healthy weight while at the same time reducing stress and anxiety. Dear Body is delivered as an online program, through face-to-face sessions, or through immersive retreats.

The online program, Dear Body: Six Steps to Loving the Body and Freeing the Mind, is comprised of:

  • Weekly videos
  • Audios
  • Meditations
  • Written manual and workbook
  • Lifetime access to a private supportive Facebook community.

Charlotte describes the benefits of mindful eating

What is mindful eating?

Mindful eating is about eating with intention and attention so that we:

  • Increase self-awareness and self-management
  • Correct the imbalances that inappropriate eating generates
  • Learn to make good choices naturally
  • Recapture and reclaim our power, as well as a healthy and wise life focus
  • Step into life rather than mask pain and discomfort with food
  • Uncover more richness in daily activities
  • Experience balance and harmony with food.

What are the program objectives?

  • To become more aware of why and when we eat and for what reasons
  • To find alternative ways to cope with the sensations that lead us to the fridge
  • To recognise and remove long-held negative beliefs and associations around food and diet
  • To become aware of triggers that lead to over-eating
  • To develop strategies and practical tips around portions, shopping and food consumption

Without mindful eating we often eat mindlessly while we work, or while we drive; we eat for the wrong purpose, and without a sense of true choice.

Want to enjoy a new relationship with your body and food?


You can experience the Dear Body Mindful Eating program away from the stresses and distractions of your day-to-day life. Our retreats will not only help you with your eating-related issues but benefit all aspects of your life.

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Our unique and powerful Dear Body Mindful Eating online programs with video and audio sessions can change your attitude to your body, to food and to the habits that are holding you back. We offer both free and paid programs.

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Mindful Eating Tips

Sign up for free regular tips and begin your mindful eating journey. For example, simply placing your utensils down between mouthfuls will allow you to pay full attention to the experience of the food  in your mouth.

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Who will benefit from the program?

Mindful Eating is for anyone who eats. Whether you want to lose weight, call a truce in the war with your dear body, change your relationship with food, or reduce your daily stress by making healthier choices – mindful eating is the perfect starting point.

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What People Are Saying

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