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Mindful Leadership coaching is mindfulness coaching at its most powerful

A strong team with solid leadership is the key to building a successful business.
Good leadership is less about knowing than it is about being. It is about emotion, more than cognition.

Mindful Leadership coaching will support you in inspiring and leading your team and improving your organisation’s culture and performance.

The Mindfulness Clinic has helped many organisations bring mindfulness into the workplace and seen many improve their teams’ cohesion and performance. Our coaching sessions are tailored to meet your specific needs and address personal habits, blind spots and stress triggers.

Our Mindful Leadership resources are used in the Executive MBA at Newcastle University.

In the words of a Senior Executive that took part in our program, “Mindfulness is being shown to change people from the inside. It is sustainable and powerful and gives people useful and practical tools for dealing with day-to-day challenges”.

The benefits of Mindful Leadership coaching

Personal Benefits

  • A clear, fresh, mindset and a more positive outlook 
  • Increased levels of motivation and self-awareness
  • A higher level of ownership in ones thoughts and actions
  • Improved mental freedom and direction
  • Practical tools for self-improvement and management

Organisational Benefits

  • Increased leadership direction and ability
  • High team member retention rates
  • An increased level of dedication and enthusiasm within the team 
  • Increase in ownership and responsibility
  • Improved decision-making
  • Creative and innovative thinking and direction
  • Dynamic teams with the ability to readily adapt

  • Improved team health and reduction in absenteeism
  • Increased commitment to the big picture
  • Increased ability to self manage
  • More effective communication
  • Less intense conflict and less escalation
  • More joy and peace
  • Increased compassion

This program is unlike any other, so we encourage you to find out more about how you can reach your professional and personal potential

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