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About The Mindfulness Clinic

The Mindfulness Clinic was founded in 2008 by Charlotte Thaarup. Charlotte is a world-renowned, clinical mindfulness consultant and transformative educator. She is the director of The Mindfulness Clinic and holds a number of international tertiary qualifications, including Dip Mediation, DipEd (London University) MBSR, MBEAT, CBMT.

Twelve years ago Charlotte designed and facilitated mindfulness workshops endorsed by the Australian Psychological Society, since then she has designed and run over a hundred retreats, days and programs in mindfulness. Her Mindful Leadership program has been researched by Macquarie University and her Six Mindful Steps to Loving the Body and Freeing the Mind is currently being researched through Western Sydney University.

Charlotte has over 20 years experience in facilitating change and personal and interpersonal development as well as leadership training and providing 360 feedback. Charlotte is a registered and accredited mediator and has worked at executive level in both the public and not for profit sectors.

Whether you’re looking to improve your wellbeing, to treat your body kindly and enjoy better health, or to create a productive and stress-free work environment, we have plenty to guide you with our retreats, group training, private coaching, and online programs.

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You can choose a number of pathways for your mindfulness journey:

Benefits of Mindfulness

Mindfulness is an ancient practice now backed by science. Mindfulness replaces pain, confusion and dissatisfaction with calm, kindness and clarity.

Mindfulness offers a pathway to a more positive and joyful life through transforming your reactive mind state into a more proactive and focused mind state.

Whether you want to improve your wellbeing, create a more productive and stress-free work environment, or treat your body kindly to enjoy better health, the Mindfulness Clinic has plenty to guide you with private coaching, group training, online programs and rejuvenating retreats.

Your journey

We offer a choice of pathways to begin your mindfulness journey:

  • Mindfulness and wellbeing group workshops, private coaching and rejuvenating retreats.
  • Corporate group training and executive leadership retreats exploring the benefits of mindfulness at work.
  • Life changing mindful eating programs presented online or through private coaching and retreats.
  • Mindfulness training for people who care for or educate children provided online or through facilitated sessions, or a mixture of the two.

Getting Started

It’s simple and easy. Begin your journey with 10 minutes of mind training a day.

Access your free mind training resources

Since 2008, the Mindfulness Clinic has been helping bring more joy, energy, control and clarity into people’s lives.

Some of the organisations that Charlotte and the Mindfulness Clinic have worked with:

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