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Here you’ll find links to interviews and articles from The Mindfulness Clinic’s Charlotte Thaarup.


Do you know how to take the pressure down when anxiety takes holds? I sat down with the wonderful Melissa Histon-Browning for her podcast, Hey Soul Sista, to chat about this. You can listen here. 

Do you ever feel like a bit of a fraud? ABC Newcastle’s Paul Turton spoke to mindfulness expert Charlotte Thaarup, about why so many women feel this way. Listen to the interview here.

Heidi Alexandra Pollard, CEO of UQ Power chatted with Charlotte about her unique power as part of Theatre of U podcast series.  Listen to the Theatre of U podcast.

Shauna Stafford, working mother and small business owner, was searching for ways of making her life better through simplifying things. She sought help from Charlotte. Listen to the discussion on ABC Newcastle – The Simple Life: Getting Started.

Shevonne Hunter from Kinderling.com talks to Charlotte about the Mindful Caring program. Here about teaching mindfulness to early childhood educators.

Kinderling.com chats with Charlotte about the Danish concept of ‘hygge’ and how you can incorporate it into your daily lives.  Listen to the discussion, How Hygge can make families happy

Heidi Alexandra Pollard, CEO of UQ Power interviews Charlotte on Mindful Leadership and the benefits of mindfulness in the workplace.  Watch the interview on UQTV.


“Coronavirus: Newcastle mindfulness expert Charlotte Thaarup on how to cope with the upheaval caused by the pandemic” published by the Newcastle Herald on April 21, 2020

What is mindfulness? This article by Charlotte provides a brief introduction to mindfulness and how to get started with mind training.

Getting Started with Mindfulness  Research has demonstrated the benefits of mindfulness like increased focus and attention, better quality sleep, greater resilience, improved memory, greater wellbeing and an increased experience of joy. It’s time to get started.

Mindful Leadership: Step One Mindful leadership starts with treating others with dignity and respect, and honouring our commitments. Mindfulness practice can help with achieving this.