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Here you’ll find links to resources from The Mindfulness Clinic including eBooks, audios, mindfulness reminder prompts, and more.

Mindfulness Alive Podcast

Hosted by Charlotte Thaarup from The Mindfulness Clinic, Mindfulness Alive shows you how to embrace the art of Mindfulness for a kinder, calmer life. Whether you’re looking to improve your well being, to treat your body kindly and enjoy better health, or to create a productive and stress-free work environment, Charlotte’s podcast and guest interviews will guide you through the science behind Mindfulness, the benefits of living more mindfully, and the latest techniques and strategies for lighter, stress free living.

Free Mindfulness Practice Gifts

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Daily mindfulness reminders

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10 minute mindfulness wonders

The Ten Minute Wonders are guided meditations that all start with a little body scan.

The Rainforest Wonder is a guided meditation taking you on a journey through a lush rainforest to a place where you spend time with ultimate wisdom.

The Rainbow Wonder meditation is a trip into the essence of each colour of the rainbow, gratitude, acceptance, curiosity, kindness, surrender, presence.

The Ocean Rhythm a body scan to the rhythm of the ocean.

Relaxation Wonder, a relaxing body-scan that finishes with the emotional stability meditation of The Mountain.

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Mindful Mini Moments