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The Wisdom Mindfulness Uncovers

A message to celebrate what is good, kind and generous as this is where oneness lives.
6 Dec 2017

The wisdom that mindfulness uncovers

“Follow your Bliss …” Joseph Campbell

You might have found mindfulness through the need to reduce stress, you might be using little techniques to reduce being overwhelmed, or you might have seen me for deeper work on reducing some old wounds that keep you stuck.  Mindfulness might also be providing you with a wondrous life-ride of experiencing more inner freedom and delight.

You might have wondered ‘if I am not my thoughts, feelings and sensations, who am I?’  You might also have had profound experiences of oneness/bliss arise spontaneously or as part of our meditation practice.

Like little rays of sun penetrating a cloud, we sense ‘oneness’ when we love without expecting anything in return, a window into what could be, another reality.

Mindfulness is a way of experiencing life while uncovering the way things are; really are.  We start to notice that everything changes all the time, every moment is different to the next.  Right now I hear an ocean of mixed bird sounds that arise and recede in a choir of the sky. Every moment filled with different sound combinations.

We realise that our breath just arises, we are being breathed, we are not breathing, we are being breathed.  We realise that we humans are all of the same matter.  We realise that our bodies are not ‘our’ bodies but a constellation of particles borrowed from the stars, the earth and the elements.

We realise that there is no ‘self’ and neuroscientists confirm that, there is no ‘self’ place in the brain or in the body.  The experience of self or ‘I’ is something based in memory, the Danish word for memory is ‘minde’ – interesting?

We realise that most of our behaviour is driven by unconscious habits and wanting to feel good or not bad.  On the other hand there is also something else, oneness, compassion and that which gives us a glimpse of our true nature, our sameness with each other, animals, with all life.

What happens to us when we live in denial, depletion or disconnection of oneness? We live in a dark place of separation, competition, comparing and we become vulnerable to depression, to anger, to desperation and to hatred.

How different would the world be if we in every moment knew, remembered that we are all of the same matter, that the energy called ‘me’ is the same as the energy called ‘you’?  Then we can no longer accept that under the cover of ‘disruption’ we shift more and more money to the hands of few at the cost of the many. It is no longer ok not to be contributing to the world with our unique gifts, not for the sake of fame or profit but for the sake of being in alignment with the fundamental truth that we are inseparable from each other and the universe.

When we remember that we are of the same matter we also know that every human we encounter mirrors something of ourselves.  We all have aspects of Trump in us, Einstein, Justin Trudeau and Kim Kardashian; and with mindful attention we have choice as to which elements we strengthen and enhance and which ones we look to reduce, to mute or ignore.

So what is the Christmas message in this?  Follow your bliss, follow where your heart leads you, give to what makes the world better, celebrate what is good, kind and generous, this is where oneness lives.

Science and religion are clear, love is health, love is inclusive, love is alignment with each other.  This is simply because love is oneness.  Christmas is the time for love, time to relax, time to reflect, rejuvenate and to reconnect.

A huge thank you for all of the moments that we have shared this year and may you be healthy, may you be happy, may you be at ease.