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20 Jan 2015

Inspiration, intuition – are you in tune?

Many years ago I was looking for employment in a new place. I met someone who said the right things and was keen for us to work together. The work area was exactly what I loved doing so I was keen to make it work and yet… my gut was screaming ‘No!!’. My mind overrode the gut by saying; ‘oh it is just your ego, you are in competition, it is your stuff’, and so we went ahead. However shortly into the working relationship I lost my voice, and then one day I woke up and I could not walk, there was something wrong with my right foot. A couple of days later another person working there was treated inappropriately with humiliation and a complete lack of empathy.

Hmmm not one of my finest hours, I ‘blew up’ screaming and yelling: ‘what you are screams so loudly I can’t hear what you are saying!’… good Covey line but surely not intended to be delivered in that way!

A couple of weeks later I met someone else who had a great work suggestion for me, this time I listened to my gut and just said: ‘no thanks’.

This I think is our intuition. Intuition picks up two things; the first is incongruence between what is said and who the person is in the moment. This is what the body was responding to.

The second aspect to intuition comes as a warning based on what we have experienced previously. The trigger could be the personality type or the scenario which leads to the associated memories kicking in. Most of this happens in the gut. In other words we pick up the warning signs by paying attention to the body, being in tune with the body.

“What’s meant to be will always find a way”
~ Trisha Yearwood

Then there is Inspiration – or in spirit, which is defined as the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, it might come as a sudden brilliant or timely idea.

My experience of inspiration is that it is experienced from the heart area up and even outside the body. It sometimes feels like being in tune with what is emerging. I know when I worked in fashion design we often felt that we were hooked onto a huge wheel and we would create what was ready to be created. We were in tune with life.

When in inspiration we often feel in sync or flow, we think of someone and next minute they ring us or we run into them. We meet people, and life is filled with amazing ‘coincidences’. It feels as if we are connected to the bigger picture and we might say things that surprise even ourselves or we start to see things in ways that were beyond our understanding only 10 minutes beforehand.

One way of evoking inspiration is to set an intention. An intention of service that benefits self and mankind, an intention greater than our own little life. It could be an intention of being kind, joyful, compassionate to self and others.

Intention becomes a rudder or a guiding star, we sit ‘in tension’ between where we are at and how we would like to be. We become part of the unfolding in a way that is grander than our own narrative, we connect with what is great in us.

“I dream my painting and I paint my dream.”
~ Vincent van Gogh

So tune your inner radio, tune into the body for earthly guidance and tune into inspiration for bigger picture guidance and experiences.

And you guessed it … what better place to start than mindfulness training! Mindfulness training is at the heart of tuning in to becoming intimate with life.

Check in with how the body is responding to any given moment, check in with the breath, check in with the expanded heart, asking: ‘can I hold the world in my heart in this given moment’. Can I hold the delight, the suffering, the greedy and the generous in one great breath?

Set your intention for the week/month/year, be daring, set a grand one. Mine is being an ‘Earth Angel with humour’… do I always live up to it? Absolutely not, but don’t let that deter you, it nontheless gives context and direction and the odd chuckle!

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