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20 Feb 2020

Five sure ways to eat away your self-esteem

Sticking to these tips does not 100% guarantee low self-esteem but they are powerful in ensuring that high self-esteem becomes almost impossible

Watch out for exercise

Under no circumstances get your heart rate up. Really watch out for any form of exercise.  There are a few problems with exercise, one being that it has the cortisol exit your system. We rely on high sustained levels of cortisol to bring you to anxiety and depression.  In effect, exercise puts a brake on depression and we have to strive for both anxiety and depression to achieve our super low self-esteem. Also, through exercise you access the endorphins that bring in a “feel-good” factor which is to be avoided, naturally. Of course there is also a danger in committing to something which puts low self-esteem seriously at risk. So again, just don’t do it.

Little tip: Do not take the stairs, do not walk, run or play any team sport.

Make sure you never get enough sleep

The power of not enough sleep is strong. Part of what happens is that cravings increase so you do more of what is not good for you, and that is excellent for bringing you to a sense that you are hopeless, weak and useless.  It also ensures that you find most things and people irritating, a powerful tool when it comes to isolating yourself which is so good for eroding your self-esteem.

Little tip: Clutter your attention with Netflix and TV (reality shows are really good) so that you get into binge watching.  Work into the night while allowing lots of distractions so that getting work done takes even longer, so ideally you don’t complete your work but have to get up early to finish it. 

Ensure that you are always the centre of your own attention (and ideally everyone else’s)

Really important point:  the more you focus on yourself as the centre of the universe, you as a special unique person just waiting to be discovered for your amazing talents, the more your self-esteem will erode and misery in general will be yours.  The more you stay focused on your needs not being met, on people doing the wrong thing by you, on your difficult situations, the better it is for digging yourself deep into the safe hole of no self-esteem.

Little tip: make sure you avoid kindness and gratitude as they are your danger zones when it comes to taking you out of self-focus.

Avoid mindfulness and self-awareness/self-management in general

Do not get anywhere near mindfulness or any method of becoming more aware as this might put at risk the free flow of negative thoughts that are really effective in crushing any sense that you might be ok.  Also ensure that you believe that the thoughts are true, absolutely true and yours, personally yours.  Do not under any circumstances engage in anything that might place you into observing sensations, feelings and thoughts.  You have to identify with them – this is really important for eroding self-esteem.

The other risk with mindfulness is that it reduces your stress levels which is problematic as we rely on stress for ‘me the centre of the universe’ perception and increasing the negative bias.

Little tip: keep multi-tasking, keep busy and distracted, and avoid anything that creates place for reflection or calming down.

Indulge in social media, the more the better 

Being glued to social media ignites the comparing in you, makes you believe that everyone else has a much better life and that is super effective in making your life seem dull and insignificant, and for you to feel socially excluded, wrong and a loser – all great stuff for anxiety and depression. 

Little tip:  as soon as you wake up, get onto Instagram or Facebook, follow lots of good-looking, young, skinny influencers and believe in their happiness, health, wealth and amazing life.  Believe it 100%.  Focus on someone who has what you want (like a wonderful family, partner, or amazing body) so that it keeps feeding the illusion that if only you had that all would be well. It is like salt in the wound, really good for misery which feeds the victim, which again feeds into the lower self-esteem, all good stuff!

Here are a few more general tips.  Really watch out for social activities, good friends, and doing anything you love.  Also, being around abusive people at home or work is a very powerful way to erode the sense that we are ok.  The only thing is that it can be hard to create, unless you are already in it.

Finally, do indulge in pale, over-processed food to ensure a sluggish feeling that prevents the possibility of exercising – because you know where that will take you!

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  1. Hahaha lol what a classic article, at 1st I was quiet concerned, but now rereading it makes me laugh.

    Totally sarcastic, and not to be taken seriously!!!

    Reverse psychology ?

    Great insight into how to become a mess, anxious and depressed, stressed out achieving low self-esteem!!!

    Thanks for being so funny Charlotte!
    Love G!!! ???⚡

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