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Leading for Mental Health


Leading for Mental Health


Online workshop hosted by Charlotte Thaarup

September 1, 2020 | 3.30pm – 5pm AEST |
Online via Zoom | Total cost $110 (inc. tax)

Leaders are seeing increased anxiety in the workplace as staff experience the emotional rollercoaster of the Covid-19 pandemic along with already existing stress over climate change and the recent Australian bushfires.

Based in science and mindfulness, this online workshop is full of tips and guidelines for what is most important in leadership in 2020.



Current research indicates people are experiencing:

  • Feeling of being overworked
  • Fear of reduced hours or job loss
  • Internalisation of negative stereotypes at work
  • Fear of being seen as not committed while working from home
  • Worry about being seen as ‘slacking off’ when taking scheduled breaks
  • Increased workload leading to inability to take time for lunch
  • Commute time now integrated into workday contributing to feeling of overwhelm

This means the focus for management and leadership needs to be the risk of staff burnout rather than a concern about lack of productivity when staff are working at home.


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