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KICKSTART 2022 Package

KICKSTART 2022 Package


KICKSTART 2022 with CoreStrengths, Relationship Intelligence & Mindfulness

Map your core motivations, core strengths, and how you tend to function in conflict with the most reliable and researched tool on the market today. 

KICKSTART 2022 is a supercharged little package with the purpose of freeing you up for more quality moments, being more present, and observing your human experience with kindness, gentleness, and curiosity.

Available for individuals, couples, or work teams, we’ll work together to identify and analyse your:

  • Core motivations
  • Current approach to conflict (and what to do differently)
  • Most used strengths
  • Least used strengths


What does the KICKSTART 2022 package include?

KICKSTART 2022 is designed for you and includes:

  • Core Strengths (Relationship Intelligence) assessment
  • Leadership profile (if relevant)
  • 12 months access to Core Strengths report
  • Two coaching sessions with Charlotte Thaarup, to determine ideal next steps in line with your assessment & report
  • Mindfulness meditations for daily use