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Online Mindful Leadership Coaching and Training

Booking Online Mindful Leadership Coaching and Training

Charlotte Thaarup is an advocate for conscious mindful leadership which requires ongoing learning.  She offers audiences valuable research and evidence based science, on mindful leadership and why it is what both the individual, the organisation and the world needs.

She teaches that it is awareness that leads to an increase in mastering the self which is fundamental to successful leadership in business, this includes how to build healthy dynamic teams.

Keynote Speaker Charlotte Thaarup

Online Mindful Leadership Coaching and Training
Bookings available for Mindful Leadership Online Coaching

  During her keynote speech she offers a framework that inspires, engages and educates audiences using quotes, models, definitions, coaching and meditation practices. The audience is left with specific tools and ways to engage in the most essential principles of leadership.  The first being:

“At all times treat others with dignity and respect.”
It is when we are stressed and reactive that this becomes difficult.  Mindfulness of course is one of the most powerful ways to step into less stress and less reactivity.

Mindful Leadership Coaching and Training Practices Available Online

At the heart of mindful leadership is the principle of being a good human being.  Research is clear that being ‘good, kind’ also means being mentally healthy.   The place to start apart from ensuring enough sleep and exercise is mindfulness training.  Mindfulness training can start with as little as doing 10 minutes a day for six to eight weeks.  This has scientifically proven to improve the ability to focus by 33%.

You will become knowledgable about the reptilian, limbic, cortex, amygdala and pre-frontal cortex parts of your brain and how they affect you.  For leadership certain areas of the brain need to be stimulated while others dialled down, mindfulness shows you how to do just that. 

Just ten mins per day of Mindfulness training helps us become less reactive, being less in the reactive stress driven state and more into a responsive aware state. The reactive part of us has a strong ‘me’ focus mixed with what we have learnt in the past.  As leaders it is rarely the best strategy.  The responsive system or the connected system, opens us up to options for how to behave as well as a sense of contentment and creative thinking.

Charlotte’s mindfulness programs and online courses are available on her website and are founded in research,  neuroplasticity and training the brain to build awareness and therefore better self management.

Here is one of Charlotte’s Mindful leadership presentations

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