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The power of resetting.

For the reset to be more than a one-off event, our brains need to change.  Various factors can prompt such change, either in a healthy, positive way, or in a negative way.

The Power of Resetting.

What is a reset?  In effect, it is when we don’t continue doing what we have done in the past.  It is making changes consciously, and undoing unhealthy dispositions, reactions, and habits. It can be an ongoing practice of removing and challenging what takes us away from healthy mind-states of love, kindness, gratitude, calm, and joy.

For the reset to be more than a one-off event, our brains need to change.  Various factors can prompt such change, either in a healthy, positive way, or in a negative way.

There are two types of resets, and both require an intention to change something.  There is ‘in-the-moment reset’ and then there is the reset that comes about from deeper reflection that could be the result of a retreat or a holiday or a significant event.  

The ‘in-the-moment reset’ is a bit like working with micro habits; it is the ongoing drip that changes our experience (brain) over time.  You might feel unhelpful words on the tip of your tongue but you catch them. You take a breath, or Five Magic Breaths, reset, and change tactic.  Or you notice a tightening in your gut or chest and you sit down, place the hand over the area of tightness and reassure the body ‘Dear body, we are safe and everything is ok’.  You observe the change to the sensation and when it has dissipated you allow the mind to engage with the issue at hand.

The ‘in-the-moment reset’ is about catching something unhealthy.  It not only saves us from reacting in ways that may damage relationships, it can also save us from ongoing misery.  And you know the feeling of shame and regret when you do say something unkind or reactive, how it lingers, sometimes for days?  Well, it saves us from that.  

All reset requires awareness in the moment, so presence and ability to manage our attention.  This is where all mindfulness starts.  This is where Mindful Leadership starts, Mindful Parenting starts, Mindful Eating starts, Mindfulness@Work starts.  It is what I most often hear in feedback from participants in the mindfulness programs that I run – that they get immediate benefits from. Usually on the second day of a program, many will say that they had already caught themselves, that they interrupted a moment of rushing with Five Magic Breaths, and that they slept much better as they used the Five Magic Breaths to settle the busy mind before sleep.

On a deeper level you also change the trajectory of your future experience simply because the brain changes through what we pay attention to.  90-95% of our functioning is based on autopilot.  In other words, it is run from the framework of past experiences stored as ‘don’t repeat’ and ‘do repeat’.  This means we are not present; we are being run through a program.  The program has of course not been developed in isolation.  It reflects the culture, the time, the social demographics, and what we have been exposed to. 

I had an experience of the deeper reset recently on a silent retreat.  It works the same as ‘in-the-minute’ reset but comes about through a deeper realisation, perhaps from seeing our lives from a different or new perspective, and usually it involves bringing something into our lives rather than interrupting non-serving ways of reacting.

I have been so inspired by this change and that is part of the reason I am offering another retreat now at Blueys Beach.  Retreats are so powerful in resetting as it gives us the time to reflect more deeply, but also the meditation rewires our brains in a healthy way.  I shared about this in the last newsletter, how the idea of ‘act clearly knowing’ has been my motto since the retreat and how it has had amazing ripple effects, ripple effects that result in more and more contentment and openness to delight.  Simply, the in-the-moment shifts are propelled by an intention established on the retreat.  Naturally the intention to change has to be nurtured and tended to and rebooted, but then the fruits start to form, the fruits of increased contentment, delight and openness to awe.

The realisation that arises out of the contentment, delight and access to awe is that this is how we want to live.  We do not want to live with stress, a sense of urgency and acceleration.  This resolve becomes crystal clear, life is too short.

So, what will be your shift points?  Would you like to ruminate less?  Would you like to feel more joy?  To be more focussed, to stress less?  Our pain points become part of the process of change, of giving birth to something new within. It is all possible.

I didn’t go on retreat to change anything in particular, I went to dive into meditation and then see what would come of it.  The fascinating thing is that we can’t imagine how good it will be from our ‘old’ mindset.  We can’t imagine the perspective that has not yet been born within us.

You can of course join us on retreat at Blueys to reset or you can book in one-on-one with me to get you started.

With love,


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