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Resilient Workers: Leading after Covid-19 panel

As part of our ongoing involvement in the Executive MBA at Newcastle University, we were delighted to be on a panel with Professor Julia Connell, Professor Christina Boedker and CEO of Newcastle Airport Dr Peter Cock to explore resilience and wellbeing in today’s workplaces.

“How can we build thriving, resilient workforces while preparing for whatever the ‘new’ normal of work looks like?”

A very important question given that COVID-19 has disrupted our lives in ways we could not have imagined!

I was honoured to be one of the three panellists who offered different perspectives on this unprecedented circumstance on Friday, 21 May at the Newcastle Business School’s Leading After COVID-19 presentation chaired by Professor Julia Connell, NBS (Sydney) Director.

This was a very interesting discussion, with over 100 people registered to attend on zoom and 40 face to face!

My experience is that many people are finding it difficult to delineate boundaries between work/home if remote working and this has led to stress for many due to the feeling that they are ‘always on’.

Professor Christina Boedker outlined findings from her High Performing Workplaces research. Christina illustrated that, based on 715 responses, a 1-unit improvement in Employee Well-being increases Employee Productivity by 6.2%.

Dr Peter Cock, CEO Newcastle Airport reported on a range of initiatives introduced for airport staff to address resilience and wellbeing. Given the huge ‘hit’ felt by airlines/airports since the advent of the pandemic, Peter was delighted to report on the recent $66million recently awarded by the Federal Government to upgrade the Newcastle Airport runway. The upgrade will support the operation of international flights and is expected to generate thousands of local jobs.

And of course I would also love to hear your thoughts how can we build thriving, resilient workforces in this unprecedented circumstance!



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