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Mindful morning makeover tips

We are all glad that we got into the habit of brushing our teeth.  Small habits over time can have a huge impact on our lives.

What small habit is waiting for you?  What little habit could make a big difference to your life quality?  This morning I heard that in Denmark two thirds of people live with a chronic disease and 70-80% of these are due to lifestyle.  Small habits that we adopt now might not only make the last ten years of our life much better but can also have a positive impact on our day-to-day lives right now.

One such little habit is of course ensuring that we move.  Moving not only stabilises our mood, it is what the dear body needs.  The body of course also needs to sleep and it doesn’t like being in a stressed state for too long. The combination of not moving, not getting enough sleep and being stressed is really a recipe for disaster.

Ensuring sleep, movement and destressing is largely about establishing a good morning routine.  I know that if I don’t walk in the morning, I don’t walk at all because I get side-tracked by many other things and walking recedes as a priority.

A good morning routine starts the night before.  It might start with a clean kitchen bench, a tidy desk or a packed bag.  It also starts with going to bed at a time that ensures we get enough sleep.  It is ideal to have a routine of going to bed at the same time most nights.  We might also have the phone on charge out of the bedroom, so that we don’t reach for it first thing when we wake up.

If we know that exercise has to happen in the morning, then it is about having the right clothes ready, and knowing where we are going to walk, how long for and when we need to get up.

A lovely way to start the day is to take a moment when we just wake up.  To gently come to our senses, to notice the breath or to appreciate the warmth of the bed, and that the body hopefully feels well.  ‘Good morning dear body’!

Ideally, walk in nature, in a place you love.  I suggest you do it before anything else.  When you come back home you might like to make a good tea or coffee or do your sitting.  Then shower and breakfast (something delicious that you look forward to.) This is my morning routine and it frames the day while stabilising a healthy mood and taking responsibility for the body being moved.

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