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Are you worried that thoughts and relationship challenges will fester and pester your Christmas?

No other time of the year has the potential to create a stronger collision between our expectations and reality than Christmas.  This gap brings with it a race to breach the gap.  We feel stress as we rush around and work hard not only to finish work for the year but also to have all the right presents and all the food prepared while navigating at times complicated family dynamics.  

Naïve Realism.

Do you suffer from naïve realism? Do you tend to believe that the way you see things is the truth, that the way you see things is not a reflection of who you are but how it is?

Why mindfulness really matters.

Plenty of things can cause us distress, anxiety and depression. We have an epidemic of unhappy people walking around with little to no idea of how to break free from their "mind prisons." But it doesn't have to be that way.

Change your future trajectory.

Imagine that a new drug comes onto the market.  It is very addictive, and when scientists research it they find that it causes ‘a misperception of risk, anxiety, lower mood levels, learned helplessness, contempt and hostility towards others and desensitisation’.  Would you seek this drug out?  Would you avoid it?  Should it be legal?  Should it be subsidised?  The drug is the news.

Study the Executive MBA in 2023

The intensive block-mode delivery of the Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA) at the University of Newcastle ensures business professionals can study with minimal interruption to their personal and professional lives.
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