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Is positive psychology sabotaging your happiness?

Positive psychology is a reaction to traditional psychology, which had followed the medical model of pathology, with a focus on fixing what is wrong. It reminds us to see the positives and dial down our tendency to complain and see the negatives and problems. But there is a dark side to positive psychology.

Reminding myself of reality

The word ‘Buddha’ means ‘awake’. Awake is when we realise that our thoughts and feelings are disguising reality. They are blocking the experience of awe, of oneness, of wisdom. Waking up is being shaken out of preoccupation with that which is ultimately hollow, empty and insubstantial. In waking up, the body and the mind fall away and we are left with nothing and everything – the only consistent reality.

Four views and three actions for resilience

There are various lenses through which we can see life. Right now what is your view? Does it contribute to mental health or take away from it? During the past hour have you focused on what is possible, on the positives and on resources or on problems, obstacles and the negatives? Or has it been relatively neutral?
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