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Your hero’s journey: Discussion on the Hey Soul Sista podcast

Thank you to Mel Histon for having me on the Hey Soul Sista podcast recently to discuss your hero’s journey and how to live heroically.

“A hero is someone who has given his or her life to something bigger than oneself. Most days, most of us don’t feel heroic. 

Just getting through our routines can seem like a mean feat. Anyone can become a hero, on purpose or even accidentally. But it involves a painful evolution that is a prerequisite to greatness. This is the hero’s journey – a 12-step journey, that begins with a call to adventure, a challenge or quest that presents itself to an ordinary person in the ordinary world. You could be a hero!”

In this episode, Mel and I discuss why the hero’s journey is important and how it demonstrates that change is possible for everyone. It shows us that an ordinary person can overcome great adversity and defeat their enemies or fears. With some help, they can affect the world in some way.

Listen via the link below or on search “Hey Soul Sista podcast” on your favourite platform:


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