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Speech Fasting

Listen to Charlotte's interview on speech fasting with Paul Turton on ABC Radio
Speech fasting

Charlotte talks speech fasting on ABC Radio

Just the other day I was interviewed on ABC radio about ‘Speech Fasting’, a practice adopted by the singer Lulu.  She doesn’t speak before a concert.  During retreats we practice Noble Silence, an old Buddhist tradition.  By not speaking we cut out the interpersonal dimensions of the moment, creating a lovely opportunity to tune into our senses.  It might be the vision and smell of the food on the plate, the food in the mouth, the food being chewed and swallowed, the taste explosions.  The sense of salt air and sand between the toes, the breeze on the skin, the sun on the face.  

When we come to our senses, we dial down the separation between ourselves and the world.  It is the me-ing that is in the way.  Our senses can lead us to delight moments or be the gateway for delight.

Next time when you notice that you are lost in me-ing, self-doubt, worry or anxiety, interrupt it by coming to your senses, right there in that moment.  Note the sensations of the hands, note what the ears are hearing, what is being seen, the taste in the mouth, the beating of the heart, the movement of the body as it is being breathed.  See what happens.

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