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Perimenopause and beyond for athletes: A series on how to train, nourish, and be kind to your body

A little something extra this month for those who are athletes, in training, focused on fitness, or want to stay strong and active for the long term and is approaching or experiencing perimenopause.

Does it feel like your body is not the same anymore? Like something has shifted. Do you hear yourself say “I used to…”

Feeling good in your body is not so simple in perimenopause and beyond. So much has changed. Your hormones. Your body. And what we know about how to train, move, recover and nourish the female body.

Have you wondered if you are doing too much, doing too little, recovering? 

Has your relationship with food and your body changed based on your sport and exercise? Are you thinking more about what to eat, and how the body responds to it? 

Whether you are approaching perimenopause, in perimenopause or in the beyond, your approach to training, fitness and nutrition needs to be about you. Your unique goals, hormonal experience, type of activity, and nutrition are all relevant when deciding how to nourish and fuel your body in order to feel good.

Starting on May 1st for 10 days, expert Coach Tenille Hoogland will share interviews of 20 internationally renowned experts to translate the latest science in mental and physical resilience and female physiology for you, so you can unlock your best performances in your sport and in life. 

If you love movement, if you are an athlete or coach athletes 35+, if you deliberately put exercise into your day, then this free virtual event will be useful and helpful for you.

With exercise physiologists, registered dieticians specialising in sport and menopause, expert coaches, and more, there is plenty of information to help you unlock your best performance in sport and in life. 

I will personally be speaking on how we need to shift our mindset on what is strength.  If you are a go-getter, drive hard in life and play,  have a hard time taking recovery weeks or recovery at all, this talk is for you.

When you register for the Perimenopausal Athletes and Beyond series, for 10 days starting on May 1 you will:  

  • Identify new habits and mindsets that allow us to accomplish our goals even through the ups and downs of daily life. 
  • Learn specifics on how high intensity and endurance training work together to keep you in health for the long term and meet your performance goals. 
  • Learn when to eat whole foods and when to go for the sugar (what!) to fuel your body!
  • Be motivated when you hear it is never too late to incorporate strength to become a strong, resilient athlete for the long term.
  • Learn about health and performance indicators that are not obvious and new science on supplements
  • Connect what we can do to help our hormone health and deal with fatigue, injury and a spiking heart rate

And so much more, including amazing free give-aways from the speakers.

In perimenopause your body is changing. In the beyond it has changed. This series will shift your perspective on how to train, nourish and be kind to your body for health, performance and perhaps most important for many, longevity.  

This event is free and accessible from the comfort of your own home or office.

Register here >>

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