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Experiential Tarot

I have been working with Lee for a little while now exploring Astrology in particular and integrating it with Buddhist Psychology and Mindful Voice Integration. I have been very impressed by what it reveals when done well.  Perhaps Astrology is the first personality profiling tool?  

Astrologer Lee has worked with astrology and the healing arts for over 25 years. Astrology and tarot can be gateways to healing. They provide a blueprint of what is to come if we stay in the same pattern off being, as well as giving a window into the potential of a situation. 

Blending exeistential psychotherapy, visualisation, Jungian psychology, mythology, tarot and astrology, he facilitates a space where people are able to examine their relationship to themselves, society, the natural world and spirit.

You will leave the consultation with greater insight into your current life experiences and practical tools to use, to achieve the life that you are wanting.

Astrologer Lee is available for single session consultations as well a ongoing coaching and development. Come and explore your life experience through the circle of the zodiac and journey of the tarot, and gain greater insight into yourself, your current experiences, what is supporting you, and what may be holding you back in achieving what you want. 

Contact Lee at experiencetarot@icloud.com

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