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Dear Media..

Dear Media,

Please, this is not the time to add further fuel to the fire.

This is the time to remind us that if 184 Australians are in intensive care due to Covid, 25,360,816 are not.

This is the time to remind us that more of us are walking than ever before.

This is the time to remind us that boosting our immune system is one of the most important things we can do to prevent us from becoming ill, and that means good food, fresh air, moving, nature, laughing, de-stressing, good social interactions, and joy.

This is the time to remind our politicians to think long term, to see the big picture.  This is the time to share not their bickering and small-mindedness but the stories of dignity, wisdom, and clarity. This is the time not to criticise mistakes made, but to offer support in coming up with solutions. This is the time to acknowledge that this is a very challenging time to lead.

This is the time to encourage people to ask questions and for the answers to be honest. This is the time for it to be OK not to know.

This is the time to remind us all that we are all going to die and that when someone dies at 80+, that is natural.  This is the time to remind us that we were promised nothing. Sometimes young people die – that has always been the case – and it is painful but it happens.

This is the time for you to keep an eye on the big picture – the climate crisis, Afghanistan, 400,000 homeless women in Australia – so don’t highjack our attention to make out that it is all about Covid infections.

This is the time to remind us of what we love, of what is most precious.  This is the time for us to realise that we are guests here on this planet and if we don’t start to treat it with respect, she will throw us off.

This is the time for us to snap out of thinking that all on this planet is about humans.  We are but one species on this planet and we have been arrogant and ignorant.  We have failed in our duty as custodians.  This is the time for us to wake up.

Please media, remind us that we can be wiser, we can be more forgiving.  Allow us to be curious, allow us to be afraid but remind us that when we stay with the moment, the vast majority of our moments are potentially delightful, even in the midst of this.

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  1. Paula

    So well written. Thank you. I don’t turn the radio on or listen to the news anymore with fear of all the negative media about covid. It doesn’t help with my anxiety and during the pandemic last year I had to go on medication. My vision atm is to try and stay open minded and be grateful for what I have and send love out to the universe, to Mother Earth, the homeless and especially everyone struggling with mental health issues. It really annoys me how they focus on covid, when so many people die of suicide every day, let alone heart disease and cancer.

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