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  • The ultimate source is within you – Dalia Lama

    While in an organic shop I found a magazine full of advertisements for spiritual workshops: NLP, past lives, numerology, coaching, craniofacial therapy, psychics, metaphysical healers etc.  It struck me how keen we are to find a solution outside ourselves, how little we go within and trust what we find there.

We are so needy of ‘solutions’ and quick ways to happiness that we often swallow the concept raw, without critical reflection and questioning as to how well founded the concept is.  Anyone can (and they do) call themselves an ‘expert’ or ‘internationally experienced’!  Demand that there are more than a couple of weeks of coaching training as the foundation for the wisdom!

What we do know is that anything that over promises will under deliver.  When it comes to making changes that involve our emotions, our subconscious (which most things other than changing a bicycle tyre do!) then be critical, and know that to adopt new practices takes time, you will not achieve permanent happiness through doing a workshop, nor will NLP, past lives, numerology or craniofacial therapy make you happy ever after.

We can only attain quality of life for ourselves by going within.  Others can inspire, give us their tips and tools, but ultimately we have to take the time to make it ours, to commit to the practice of self awareness, non-judgmentalism and love – to living as the observer, which is an ongoing practice, a challenge but also a potential for much pure joy.

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