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    Central - 145 King Street, Newcastle

    16 February 2018







    Zen Retreat, Bali

    2nd - 7th July 2018

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    Zen Retreat, Bali

    2nd - 9th July 2018

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  • Mindfulness Retreats

    Mindfulness Retreats Put You in Focus

    Experience the power of total mindfulness at one of our immersive retreats, held in the luxurious surroundings of Bali’s Zen Resort,  Australia’s Golden Door in the Hunter Valley, and Billabong Retreats.

    These retreats can be the perfect tonic to a busy year, a fabulous starting point for your mindfulness journey or a place to focus and refine your use of the mindfulness principles and techniques so you can take them back to your workplace or home.

    These immersive retreats provide you with the tools, the encouragement, the environment and the supports to experience the full power of mindfulness.

    When you combine your complete mindfulness program with massage, yoga, a beautiful environment and plenty of warmth and kindness, the time spent at a revitalising retreat provides you with an unforgettable experience – a treasured milestone in your mindfulness journey.

    Upcoming Retreats:


    Zen Resort, Bali, Indonesia

    Mindful Living – ‘Finding the Calm in the midst of Chaos’

    2nd – 7th July 2018

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    Zen Resort, Bali

    2nd – 9th July 2018

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    These programs are now run on an ongoing sign up basis.  To help us please register your interest here nowYou will be contacted as soon as the group will run with dates and hopefully it works for you. 

    Imagine going on a retreat with some of your best friends! Get a group together yourself, this way you have more influence on the date.

    All prices include: A manual, audio downloads and a CD and are exclusive of retreat costs.


    Mindfulness for Releasing and Healing – if you feel you need this then act now – we guarantee you feeling better – much better.

    2018 dates announced soon

    This is for you if:

    • You are often feeling sad, low, irritated, frustrated and overwhelmed
    • You have experienced something life-changing within the last couple of years which you are still feeling hard to accept or that has been very painful.
    • You feel you need a wellness boost and more clarity
    • You want to explore mindfulness in a deep way in a small group.

    Mindfulness for Releasing and Healing addresses unresolved issues from childhood or adult life; relationship problems, grief, abuse, anxiety or depression.  This leads to a clearer and wiser perspective of the past and a deeper sense of peace and overall wellbeing in the present.

    This is limited to 6 people and included in the retreat is one on one sessions with Charlotte


    Mindful Leadership for women

    3 days Cost  $795 this includes the extensive Mindful Leadership Manual and the tool The Strength Deployment Inventory insert link:

    Get a group of likeminded friends together to learn, laugh, grow and dare together.

    This is for you if:

    • You have the qualifications and yet often don’t feel good enough
    • You have the ability and yet don’t ask for the next challenge
    • You are visited by the imposter syndrome and believe what it has to say!
    • You would like to experience and integrate into your daily life the tools for reducing overwhelm, stress and overwhelm while increasing you sense of presence, calm, clarity.
    • You would like to gain skills in dealing with conflict in a better way.
    • You would like to feel fine and calm about being kindly assertive.

    This program integrates Mindfulness with The Leadership Challenge and Relationship Awareness Theory and gets you ready for the next chapter in your life!



    Mindful Voice Integration (MVI) for Clarity, Peace & Compassion

    2 days Anytime get a group together or get on the list! Cost $295

    You might have heard of Big Mind?

    Mindful Voice Integration is based on Genpo Roshi’s Big Mind.  Big Mind is based in Zen Buddhism, Gestalt Therapy and Voice Dialogue.  The additional components in MVI is the body focus and compassion.  Charlotte has trained with Zen Master Genpo Roshi and with his blessing integrated the process further with more compassion and body focus.

    You might have done some mindfulness and want to deepen your access to the Infinite while at the same time exploring some of your shadows or the ‘unawakened’ parts of you.

    You might have done some Buddhism and you are curious to go deeper?


    In this workshop you will experience:

    • The direct route to inner peace and calm and what takes you away from it
    • Aspect of the Inner Critic, the Controller and the inner ‘Critical Parent’.
    • Compassion and self compassion


    The foundation of the process is:

    • You are perfect and yet there is room for improvement.   Our true nature is kind and loving.  Everyone has the capacity to realise this and embody it.
    • The Self is not a thing but a process ever changing and ultimately an illusion
    • Being comfortable with not knowing and knowing.
    • We are all students, no one is an expert.  We are in this life process together and it’s constantly unfolding.
    • There is no need to fix anything, it is enough to just be allowing, expressing and getting to know.
    • We all have the world in a mini format within, including all extremes like hatred and greed as well as self sacrificing generosity.  It is when we don’t own these aspects of ourselves that things become or stay unhealthy.
    • Through increased recognition of our inner voices we start to see thought as just thought rather than a truth.
    • Each person has their own experience and that experience is correct as long as they are in voice.
    • MVI is a method of loosening the sense of self by getting to know aspects of the self and the various variations of the aspects.

    The process gives a strong sense of how contextual and fluid the self is.

    MVI is a meditative practice training both focus and awareness.

    Big Mind is proclaimed by Ken Wilber as; ‘the most important and original discovery in the last two centuries of Buddhism.’

     He goes on to describe it as: ‘an astonishingly original, profound, and effective path for waking up, or seeing one’s True Nature’.

    By exploring Big Mind we learn to be fully functioning human beings capable of acting from places of true insight and love. And this is what it’s all about. All the Buddhist practices—sitting, Big Mind, and so on—are skillful means, all for the purpose of building character, consciousness, and awareness so that our functioning is coming from wisdom and compassion. This is really the point. It’s the point of Zen, it’s the point of Buddhism, it’s the point of all the great religious and wisdom traditions I know.

    by Genpo Merzel



    Dear Body – Mindful Eating, change the relationship with your body, weight and food forever.

    Run as both 3 or 7 days anytime get a group together or get on the list!  Cost 3 day $495 7 day $995


    This life changing program has been researched with great results and Charlotte is one of only a handful of people in Australia trained in Mindful Eating and part of the International body for Mindful Eating.


    This is for you if:

    • You experience a lot of stress and overwhelm
    • You do much rumination
    • You are sick of the relentless inner dialogue around your body and food
    • You would like to stop dieting and allow the body to find its happy weight
    • You would like to get tools and way for changing the relationship with your body.


    The benefits of reconnecting with the body are:

    • More presence and calm.
    • Increased ability to emotionally regulate and self manage
    • Pre-empting emotions and thoughts
    • Increased sense of internal freedom
    • Coming into alignment with our weight and food intake
    • Healing of old pain and dislike of the body
    • Increased self compassion


    There is a correlation between high Mindfulness and lower incidents of obesity, being more physically active and less binge eating.

    After a Mindful Eating program participants show:

    • decreases in food cravings
    • reduced dichotomous thinking/black or white thinking
    • reduced body image concern
    • reduced emotional eating
    • cognitive restraint around eating

    Statistically significant decreases in:

    • weight,
    • binge eating,
    • depression,
    • perceived stress.


    Testimonial: I have had friends who question this when I talk about Dear Body or that it can’t be that “easy”. In a little over 12mths of mindful eating with regular exercise I have lost & maintained 7kg. This is not even the main benefit but it sure is good for my Dear Body.   Bianca Cashen Educator


    Other Past Mindfulness Retreat Participant Testimonials

    “The depth of knowledge and understanding was very evident to me. The way Charlotte and Julia were able to simplify the relevant research, studies and science behind the program was fantastic.” Senior Exec, Kuala Lumpur

    “This week has been a life changing experience.” Executive NSW

    “Mindful Leadership retreat is essential for leaders in any capacity who work to be present with themselves and their teams. I have been inspired to return (to Charlotte’s retreat) and utilize the many tools of mindfulness to be the best leader I can be.” CEO, Melbourne

    “I had no idea I would come away with so much insight and so many tools for both mindfulness for self and for leadership.” Director, Melbourne





    Claim Continuing Professional Development Hours and Continuing Education Points

    Mindful Leadership in the Workplace workshops provide 20 PD hours or CE points.

    APS Members can accrue Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours by participating in CPD activities that they determine to be relevant to their individual professional skills, learning plans and goals. These may be self-initiated. CPD activities do not need to be endorsed by the APS.

    We will provide all participants with the required detailed documentation for claiming hours. This will be in the form of hour to hour learning objectives for the full program.

    Mindfulness Retreats reduce stress and depression * Mindfulness Retreat for rejuvenation* Mindfulness Retreat for inspiration* Mindfulness Retreat for recuperation* Mindfulness reduces blood pressure * Mindfulness improves our memory * Mindfulness promotes emotional regulation * Mindfulness promotes resilience *  Mindfulness increases focus and attention * Mindfulness improves quality of sleep.  Our Retreaters say: I feel lighter, I feel calmer, I feel kinder, I feel rejuvenated, I feel strong, I feel so relaxed, I feel mindful!