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  • The Now

    What is the Now? It is always the Now, our existence is always in the now, and when we sink into it; we often sense our profound interconnectedness with all life. In the Now we get a break from ourselves.

    We tend to divide time into useful time, waste of time, the time we look forward to, (which tends to elude us when it actually arrives!) there is even time that we have to kill! The result is that we are rarely really present.

    Yet the Now has no requirements, it is not more likely to appear during weekends or holidays, nor evenings or special occasions. In fact it is always available whether that be while waiting in a queue; or for a train to pass; or in traffic; or while on the toilet.

    When we experience a situation as frustrating, it may be because we have labelled the situation we are in as ‘not worthwhile’ as something that has to be over and done with, so that we can get to what counts.

    Most creatures only have the Now as a reference point. When we look at a flower, then it is just there, without a reason for its being, without meaning, without a past or a future. We can give it a story, but it can’t absorb it and therefore not relate to itself through its story.

    It is my story that gives me the experience of me. It is my story and my identification with it that leads me to making the Now conditional. In other words my ideas of how things and I should be are in the way for me experiencing the Now.

    It is in the Now that life resides. It is in the Now that the heart beats and that the breath exists. From here we can observe the past and the future for what they are – ideas in our head. We can see them as constructions, and therefore flexible, unreliable and something that can be rewritten and changed. We see constructions as not true, as just temporary conditions or descriptions of reality – we start to see Not Knowing.

    Our constructed self is based on a past and a future so therefore we are free of the constructed self as soon as we are aware of the present.

    A reasonably easy way into the Now is through body awareness. Hold your attention on your breath, just notice it as the body rises and falls with each breath. Make it a habit to be with five breaths regularly. This way the queue at Woolies or in traffic is a little opportunity to reconnect with the Now!

    Accept each moment as if you have chosen it.


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