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  • New Years Resolutions

    What do we do with this whole thing around New Year’s resolutions? I have received much good info over the past week about how I can create the year I want and the changes I want. One starts by asking: ‘What must occur for me to feel like 2011 has been a success?’

    You are perfect and yet there is room for improvement!

    Do we sometimes forget that we are perfect, that there is a beautiful, loving and innocent part to us? Instead we focus on what needs to be improved. What do we think we will get, or achieve, by improving? Happiness, a great body, success, or to be a better person?

    Goal keeping is a great tool, but there is a deep problem with it as well. We need to remember that right NOW we have all the ingredients to experience the fullness of life. All we need to say is ‘yes’ to the NOW. No amount of achieving/doing is going to increase our ability to remember the moment more frequently or intensely with all its richness, sorrow, generosity or nothingness that it contains in any given moment.

    Being in the moment is the only way not to miss life – to really live.

    The goal focus feeds our ‘wanting self’ and keeps us in the ‘wanting’, and in the illusion of believing ‘If only I could just change this about me, or could have this or that, then I would be happy or contented.’ But what we are seeking is within reach right now and can be experienced effortlessly.

    Take a minute and just say ‘yes’ ‘yes’ ‘yes’ to this moment. Say it not just with your mind and words but try to say it in your body. Leave the resisting behind, swim and float into this moment, allow whatever enters to arrive. Greet it, welcome it, – be it a noise, an ‘interruption’, or whatever takes place. Allow spaciousness in the NOW. Feel the spaciousness.

    I would like to imbue the year with this feeling. I would like it to be there during my interactions and during my alone time. I would like it to be a back drop to all my experiences. I would like it to colour and influence the way I see, talk and hear.

    I need to adopt a practice; create ways of reminding myself of this place, this way of experiencing. It can be done in many ways, through meditation or walking, or friends who remind each other that this is how we cultivate a ‘successful’ year, a year which is lived, experienced and not missed by being caught up in what happens next. The best New Year’s resolution is perhaps to do less while cultivating the way we experience things. We simply need to increase our awareness of our wanting mind, our desiring mind, our dissatisfied mind, without giving into it. We need to just recognise our emotions and sensations. They, as everything, will pass and don’t have to be acted upon.

    With these thoughts I wish you the best cultivation of whatever brings forth the very best, most beautiful, wise and kind you.

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