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  • Mindfulness @ Work in House Training

    Change Begins in the Mind

    Whenever we want to change anything in life, the place to start is the mind. Being able to focus, having clarity and mental agility are some of the best investments we can make in our lives and our businesses. Consider the time, money and productivity that is wasted in organisations every day due to lack of focus, lack of attention and clarity, distraction and daydreaming.

    Mindfulness Delivers Results in the Workplace

    Recent research in neuroscience and on mindfulness demonstrates conclusively that mindfulness training leads to:

    • Greater resilience, productivity and ability to cope under pressure
    • Higher levels of job satisfaction and improved employee management
    • Enhanced creativity and proactivity in the workplace
    • Improved relationships, teamwork
and collaboration
    • Lower levels of stress and illness related absenteeism
    • Improved abilities to address and reduce conflict in the workplace

    Not surprisingly some of the world’s most progressive and prestigious organisations and companies such as Google, Apple, Carlsberg and Harvard University are using Mindfulness training. The results they experience include increased focus in the workforce, better teamwork, reduced absenteeism, more creativity and innovation, increased efficiency and less stress in the individual. Importantly, it has been a huge factor in significantly improving the bottom line.

    Our Mindfulness@Work programs bring together deep business understanding, extensive scientific research, and simple yet powerful mindfulness training techniques to ensure our program is highly relevant and impactful in today’s work environments.

    We offer Mindfulness@Work and Mindful Leadership as modular In-house programs but also in the form of retreats and one on one and group coaching and training programs.

    Interested in learning more? You can read further research here


    In house training at Mindfulness at workATTENTION | INTENTION | REALIGN (AIR)

    Welcome to AIR, a mindfulness program developed specifically with business in mind. Through a series of easy to apply tools and strategies we teach employees at all levels within the organisation to apply the benefits of mindfulness to their work. A more focused, more productive workforce is just the beginning…

    The Mindfulness Clinic conducts highly interactive and experiential workshops with your staff and we strive to create an active and enjoyable learning environment for them. Feedback from past workshops support this as being the case.

    ’The best seminar presenters I have ever had including my university years at Berkeley and Cambridge.’ Chris Barton, San Francisco

    It is important to note that all material covered during the workshop sessions is based on solid research. This,research will be shared in the sessions as well as in between sessions as additional resources.

    We offer the following modules for your organisation:

    Module 1:

    Mindfulness, Mental Clarity and Resilience

    Module 2:

    Thriving in the Workplace, Leading from the Middle, Mindful Leadership

    retreatsMindfulness Retreats

    Experience the power of total mindfulness at one of our retreats, held in the luxurious surroundings of Bali’s Zen Resort. Use the retreats as the perfect tonic to a busy year, or to learn principles and techniques that you can take back to your workplace. Combine your complete mindfulness program with massage, yoga and plenty of warmth and kindness.

    Mindful Leadership Workshop in Bali

    A workshop based on the best in leadership and business, science on neuroplasticity and mindfulness.

    Four and six night intensive retreats that will change your life with mindfulness, rejuvenation and inspiration.

    For busy people, who would like to get the tools for:

    • Less stress, more joy
    • Better clarity of thinking, less negative thinking
    • Being more at peace, being more effective
    • Excellent listening skills, more confidence in dealing with clients
    • Achieving without the stress!

    Learn more about our Mindful Leadership and other specialty retreats.

    Claim Continuing Professional Development Hours and Continuing Education Points

    Mindful Leadership workshops provide 20 PD hours or CE points.

    APS Members can accrue Continuing Professional Development (CPD) hours by participating in CPD activities that they determine to be relevant to their individual professional skills, learning plans and goals. These may be self-initiated. CPD activities do not need to be endorsed by the APS.

    We will provide all participants with the required detailed documentation for claiming hours. This will be in the form of hour to hour learning objectives for the full program.

    Learn more about our Mindful Leadership and other specialty retreats.

    Corporate Workshops

    Mindful Transformations conduct highly interactive and experiential workshops. We strive to create an active and enjoyable learning environment. Indeed feedbacand endorsements from past workshops support this as being the case.

    Here’s how the respective program modules are broadly integrated to deliver the Mindful Leadership course:


    This suggested outline can be adapted to cover the selection of topics required by the specific needs of your organisation,

    Module 1: Mindfulness, Mental Clarity And Resilience

    Through research Mindfulness has been shown to reduce stress and give us mental overview and clarity. The training and attitudes that underpin this is what we focus on during this module. It is the foundation training for the other programs. By reducing stress we enhance well-being, reduce absenteeism, improve sleep and lower irritability and reactivity. This further leads to increased cooperation and team work in the workplace.

    Module 2: Thriving In The Workplace, Leading From The Middle, Mindful Leadership

    Thriving in the workplace takes Mindfulness one step further and one step deeper resulting in further well-being but also focusing on the ppwer gained by not only harnessing the potential of the mind but also leveraging the potential of the workplace relationships. This gives more overall capacity and efficiency while remaining calm, kind and cooperative.

    The Leading from the Middle Program is for the person managing up, down and sideways. While further adding to the foundations of mindfulness, ‘Leading from the Middle’ is focused on increasing interpersonal skills, creating accountability and team power, while strengthening participants’ ability to deal with conflict.

    Leading from the Middle Program learning outcomes include

    • Ability to identify personal and interpersonal strengths and weaknesses (Using the Personal Strength Inventory – LINK
    • Ability to identify conflict patterns and ways to overcome unhelpful tendencies (Using the Personal Strength Inventory LINK
    • Ability to create accountability and enable others
    • Ability to initiate and manage difficult conversations
    • Ability to strengthen team work and deal with conflict effectively
    • Ability to identify points of influence within existing relationships
    • Ability to identify blind spots within existing teams and develop the skills to strengthen the team.

    This program is geared for those who wish to increase their capacity for maximizing their workplace relationships.

    Mindful Leadership

    Good leadership is less about knowing than it is about being and more about emotion rather than cognition. Mindfulness is a consciousness discipline that enables us to become true adults – to reach our potential. From a brain perspective it enables flexibility of mind rather than rigidity or chaos. This is why Mindfulness is the foundation training for excellence in leadership.

    The Mindful Leadership Program focuses on supporting managers and leaders to use their power and influence in the most strategic and judicious ways they possibly can. This program concerns excellence in leadership through the five practices of the Leadership Challenge: Model the Way, Shared Vision, Challenge the Way, Enabling others and Encouraging the Heart which is based on research conducted by Kouzes and Posner, Stephen Covey, Peter Senge and John Maxwell and others in addition to the facilitators’ total of 20+20 years of corporate educational experience.

    Mindful Leadership learning objectives include:

    • Master the ability to implement the key leadership traits, which determine effective leadership
    • Maintain the ability to keep calm, focused and creative in an ever changing work environment
    • Develop the ability to practice ongoing clear strategy for enhancing your leadership skills and overcoming ‘blind spots’
    • Deal effectively with power and politics
    • To develop the capacity to inspire a shared vision and encourage the hearts of others
    • Ensure that you remain mindful of the big picture

    The neuroscientific rationale for each approach and practice will be explained during the sessions.


    IMPORTANT: All that is covered during the workshop sessions has a research basis, which will be shared in the sessions as well as in between sessions as additional resources.

    The essential part of mindfulness is the mind training. It requires a minimum of ten minutes of mind training a day, this has to take place between  sessions. In order to facilitate this we often appoint a workplace ‘representative’ to take responsibility for coordinating the mind training sessions. The mind training also means that the program is not suited to being conducted 4-5 days in a row, rather the gap in between sessions is important.

    Facilitation Style And Inclusions

    Experiential, flipped learning – learning takes place between sessions, practice and application, Kolb’s Learning theory, paired learning, underpinned by NACK (Non-judging, Acceptance, Curiosity, Kindness).

    Package Options

    • All programs are 10 hours and can be conducted in four different ways:
    • A series of five x 2 hour sessions
    • Two half days (4 hours each) + a follow up of two hours
    • Three x 3 hour sessions + one hour follow up
    • As an individual coaching program

    Please contact us for more detailed information and a customised quote.

    We Have Worked with a Variety of Organisations

    • Birdsnest
    • Explore and Develop
    • Dexus Property Group
    • James Buyer Advocates
    • The Australian Defence Force
    • Leighton Contractors
    • University of Newcastle
    • Golden Door Australia
    • Hunter Business Chamber
    • The Potential Project
    • WorkSmart Australia
    • Leading Ladies – Newcastle
    • Action for Employment – London
    • Careers Development Group – London
    • Interrelate – Newcastle
    • Mission Australia
    • Chandler Macleod
    • Newcastle Port Corporation
    • Royal Australian Air Force
    • Trinity Christian School – Canberra

    What Others Have Said

    Some Testimonials And Outcomes From Past Program Participants

    “Charlotte Thaarup-Owen is a uniquely skilled facilitator. She is heartfelt and blends sensitivity and compassion with an intellectual acumen that is superlative. She is always well prepared and embodies the material she is discussing. She displays an ability to articulate difficult material in a manner that is easily understood and is engaging. Her energy is uplifting and magnetic. It is a privilege to co-facilitate workshops and events with her.” – Dr Neil Kobrin, PhD

    “Charlotte was one of the best facilitators, she used dynamic skills throughout the day and it was a pleasure being in this session.” – Carolyn Doherty, Youth Court Administration SA

    “Leadership can take many forms in today’s world and is attempted by many but delivered by few. Leadership is very different from management and the world is short on leadership but abundant on management. Leadership comes from within and as that famous Taoist sage Sun Tzu said “the greatest warriors are prepared to fight but achieve their goals without bloodshed. I was looking for path for all of the above and in Charlotte I found the perfect guide. In a very short time she has given all our co-workers tools and structure and belief to move from a financially successful but stressed out operation to one that has a real future and is safe for all. Charlotte can provide the structure your company and you may well need – the question is do you want it? “-  Mal James, James Buyer Advocates