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  • Mindfulness at Work and Mindful Leadership

    Why Mindfulness and Mindful Leadership are needed in today’s work place.

    Our changing world

    The pace of change has never been faster; never have we experienced information overload and ever increasing pressure to the extent we see today in the workplace as well as in our personal lives.   For many, this generates a feeling of stress and being overwhelmed, making it challenging to respond well to change and day-to-day pressures.

    Mindfulness at Work reduces stress damage

    When you consider that stress in the workplace has been proven to substantially reduce productivity, increase management pressure and severely restrict workers’ creativity and job satisfaction, it becomes apparent that investing in mindfulness training could be one of the most cost effective decisions you will make in your business.

    Stress has also been proven to trigger 70% of visits to the doctor and 85% of serious illnesses. Studies worldwide are consistent in showing just how effective mindfulness training is in reducing stress and stress related illness.

    Making changes

    The Mindfulness’ Clinics ‘Mindfulness@Work training’ supports the development of a more effective, productive, creative and peaceful workplace. It also dramatically reduces levels of stress in the work environment. The starting point, not surprisingly, is attention management.

    Being able to focus, having clarity and mental agility are some of the best investments we can make in life and our workplace. Consider how much time (and money) is wasted in organisations every day due to lack of focus, lack of attention and clarity, distraction and daydreaming. Poor attention management is also linked to increasing stress and even unhappiness.

    Mindfulness would not work if it were not for neuroplasticity; which simply means that the brain is constantly changing according to what we experience. Hence it is important what we experience!

    Practicing mindfulness does not just alleviate unhealthy habits, it also establishes and strengthens the healthy ones. This is why mindfulness is the foundation training for improving all aspects of wellbeing, not only in our private lives, but also in the workplace.

    For additional papers and research go to: http://themindfulnessclinic.com.au/news-media-articles/

    Mindfulness training in the workplace makes good sense for so many reasons. Depending on the research observed, the returns on investment for companies investing in supporting the wellbeing of staff ranges from between $2.36 and $5 for every dollar spent.

    Want to get Mindfulness at Work working for you and your organization?

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    Schedule Mindfulness@Work training for teams


    Email Charlotte.

    Mindfulness, the Research

    Recent research in neuroscience and mindfulness, demonstrates conclusively mindfulness training leads to:

    • Greater resilience, productivity and ability to cope under pressure,
    • Higher levels of job satisfaction & smoother employee management,
    • Enhanced creativity and proactivity in the workplace,
    • Improved relationships and teamwork,
    • Lower levels of stress and illness related absenteeism, and
    • Improved abilities to address conflict in the workplace.

    For the individual, that means that mindfulness training:

    • Increases focus and attention,
    • Improves quality of sleep,
    • Reduces stress significantly,
    • Reduces cellular aging,
    • Keeps the brain ‘agile’,
    • Reduces blood pressure,
    • Improves memory,
    • Promotes emotional regulation, and,
    • Increases our experience of joy.

    (you will find the research articles for most of this on the website: www.themindfulnessclinic.com.au if you would like more specific research please do not hesitate to contact Charlotte.) Additionally, research shows that with higher levels of mindfulness there are lower levels of burnout. (‘Psychotherapy in Australia’ August 2007)

    Mindfulness, who is using it and why?

    All of the following companies and organizations offer mindfulness training to their staff: EBay, Twitter, Carlsberg, Harvard, Google, Apple, McKinsey & Company, General Mills, Deutsche Bank, Procter & Gamble and Facebook, as well as many of our own most dynamic organizations such as Macquarie University, University of Queensland, Monash University (see footnote link), IBM and the Australian Defence Force.

    The Mindfulness Clinic’s proven solution

    Macquarie University measured the effectiveness of our The Mindful Leader Program and found a decrease in stress of 28%. This quantitative analysis is available on request from our clinic.

    Below is data from the ‘Resilient and Thriving People’ (see below; module 1&2) program run within the Australian Defence Force in 2013 over nine weeks. The following outcomes are based on pre and post interviews of that program and is shown in average increases:

    • 36% increase in how well stress is being managed,
    • 37% increase in how well people felt emotionally,
    • 34% increase in mental clarity,
    • 27% increase in ability to focus,
    • 27% increase in being able to manage their internal critic, and
    • 20% increase in perceived memory.

    If you are familiar with other workplace improvement programs, you will see how strong the above results are compared to these other interventions, where a good result is normally a 5-10% increase! The Mindfulness Clinic’s Mindfulness@Work programs bring together deep organisational and business understanding, extensive scientific research and simple yet powerful mindfulness training techniques to deliver program that is highly relevant and impactful in today’s work environments.

    The Mindfulness Clinic has six modular programs of Mindfulness@Work as follows:

    • Mindfulness Introduction session, (1.5-2 hour).
    • Mental Clarity and Resilience, (5 sessions x 1.5 hour).

    The programs below are all built upon the two programs mentioned above:

    • Thriving in the Workplace,
    • Leading from the Middle
    • The Mindful Leader
    • Mindful Champions@Work (often done as a 2 day retreat – specifically designed for those who wish to lead and maintain mindfulness within the organization). Can only be done by those who have done a minimum of 9 sessions with practice in between.

    As an integral part of each program/training package, participants are expected to engage in a minimum of ten minutes of mind-training every day while on the program. Experience shows that this is best done through group sittings, where one or two people are responsible to get the group together during a certain time every day. This has shown to have additional benefits in relation to team and general relationship health for participants.

    Mindful Leadership

    You might wonder what Mindful Leadership is and how mindfulness might be relevant to leadership?   While talking to a senior executive about the effects that our Mindful Leadership coaching has had on her exec team, her comments were clear.  She said that they had gone from having one person coached to their whole team because mindfulness is showing to change people from the inside, it is sustainable and powerful while it also gives people useful and practical tools for dealing with day to day challenges.

    Peter Drukcer said: ‘Culture eats strategy for breakfast’.  Consistently over time leadership has been seen as based in our level of self awareness (partly due to self awareness being the first step to change) self management and interpersonal skills.  This is the foundation, out of that and after that comes entrepreneurship, strategy and business acumen.

    Having done mindfulness leadership coaching and training for many years mindfulness has shown that it always delivers in growing or supporting leaders.  The only ‘but’ is that people need to do minimum of ten minutes a day of mind training.

    Our approach integrates Mindfulness with The Leadership Challenge (Posner and Kouzes)  http://www.leadershipchallenge.com/home.aspx and Relationship Awareness Theory: http://www.personalstrengths.com.  This offers an approach that immediately provides clarity over development needs, strengths and practice as well as the ‘how to’. 

    Presentation Options:

    • Full training days,
    • Half days,
    • Breakfast/training sessions, and
    • Individual coaching.

    Want to get Mindfulness at Work working for you and your organistion?

    Attend a Mindfulness@Work retreat

    Arrange Mindfulness@Work coaching for individuals or teams

    Schedule Mindfulness@Work training for teams


    Email Charlotte.

    Testimonials from Mindfulness@Work programs:

    • ’The best seminar presenter I have ever had including my university years at Berkeley and Cambridge.’ Chris Barton, Head of Mobile Operator Business Development (Dropbox)‬ San Francisco Bay Area
    • ‘Out of all the initiatives I have ever been involved in Mindfulness is by far and away the most life changing and rewarding set of tools you can give someone.’ Anthony Marshal, Operational Manager Birdsnest Australia (Birdsnest is a major on-line national and international retail business)
    • ‘If you can only do one course, then do this one. I can’t do justice to all that I have learnt, thank you so much!’  – Jenni Niggl, Clinical Operations Manager, Amgen Australia (Amgen is a major national and international pharmaceutical company)
    • I’ve attended a number of mindfulness programs, here and overseas, in recent years and The Mindfulness Clinic provided the best training in this space. Charlotte Thaarup provided an excellent learning environment and the facilitation was of a very high quality, with solid corporate knowledge and examples used to make it applicable to the business context. I would highly recommend this program to people looking to grow their personal and professional leadership skills. Trish Kensell, Head Of Organisational Change
Salmat (Leaders In Customer Engagement And Acquisition)
    • ‘I am a psychologist, senior academic and a business owner, and previously a senior manager in a NFP, so have done a lot of both mindfulness and leadership training before. Unlike other courses, Charlotte’s Mindful Leadership has been a real catalyst for change for me both personally and professionally. At the risk of being clichéd, it was life changing. Really. I have been on two different week long courses and both have left me energised for life and business – more positive, more focused and more productive. I learnt so much about myself and my business – and about me in my business. As a result I have made huge positive changes that have increased staff productivity and our business culture. It’s partly mindfulness itself, but it’s mostly the way Charlotte conveys the concepts and embeds them into real life. She lives what she teaches and has put me on a positive journey to living mindfulness in business too. It is really the best development activity I have ever done.’ Dr Nicole Lee, Director The LeeJenn Group and Associate Professor National Centre for Education and Training on Addiction. (Dr Lee is considered one of Australia’s foremost experts on addiction)
    • Charlotte Thaarup-Owen is a uniquely skilled facilitator. She is heartfelt and blends sensitivity and compassion with an intellectual acumen that is superlative. She is always well prepared and embodies the material she is discussing. She displays an ability to articulate difficult material in a manner that is easily understood and is engaging. Her energy is uplifting and magnetic. It is a privilege to co-facilitate workshops and events with her. Neil Kobrin, PhD ‘The Academy of Mindful Psychology’, San Francisco
    • I was fortunate to have a 12 month coaching program with Charlotte in 2014. Before we started, I had no awareness of how stressed I was, it had become the norm for me and I was totally burned out from a National leadership role which required a lot of travel. Charlotte’s approach is highly personalized and flexible, depending on what comes up in each session. Her style is warm, non-judging, kind and her high level of intelligence and sharp wit make it really enjoyable. I can truly say that my life was transformed professionally and personally through our work together. There was a combination of acute problem solving and longer term transformational change. Mindfulness was the foundation of out work, which was integrated with other techniques that ranged from day-to-day practical to deep. I would recommend Charlotte to anyone who wants to make transformational change in their career or life, whether or not you are aware of your stress levels! Charlotte’s professionalism, intelligence and deep compassion would suit anyone open to explore and develop. I’ve referred Charlotte to colleagues who would also highly recommend working with her! Dana Bell, National Key Account Manager (major pharmaceutical company)
    • I am delighted to endorse the outstanding workshop Charlotte Thaarup-Owen presented to a group of Student Coordinators from the Diocese of Maitland-Newcastle. The presentation was well-researched, contemporary in orientation and highly engaging. Given the response of the attendees, we have no hesitation in continuing to engage Charlotte and her work on Mindfulness. Gerard Mowbray, Assistant Director, Catholic Schools Office.

    Want to get Mindfulness at Work working for you and your organistion?

    Attend a Mindfulness@Work retreat

    Arrange Mindfulness@Work coaching for individuals or teams

    Schedule Mindfulness@Work training for teams


    Email Charlotte.

    Food for thought …

    “At the center of the hurricane of economic globalization is the quiet space of mindfulness – a philosophy and practice which helps those exercising leadership to situate themselves calmly in the eye of the hurricane, where they are able to tap into the clarity and creativity necessary to ensure wisdom in decision-making and focused, authentic leadership.” – Jeanny Wildi, Research Assistant, and Ben Bryant, Professor of Leadership and Organization at IMD, one of Europe’s leading Business Schools.

    “If you want to transform an organisation it’s not about changing systems and processes so much as it’s about changing the hearts and minds of people. Mindfulness is one of the all-time most brilliant technologies for helping to alleviate human suffering and for bringing out our extraordinary potential as human beings.” – Pamela Weiss, Founder of Appropriate Response

    Treat yourself and business colleagues to one of our of Mindfulness at Work retreats

    Research shows that Mindfulness at Work leads to: Greater resilience, productivity and ability to cope under pressure * Higher levels of job satisfaction & easier employee management * Enhanced creativity and proactivity in the workplace * Improved relationships and teamwork * Lower levels of stress and illness related absenteeism * Improved abilities to address conflict in the workplace.