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  • Mindful Eating

    “Your body is precious. It is our vehicle for awakening. Treat it with care.” ~Buddha

    Mindful Eating is for anyone who eats.  Whether you want to lose weight, call a truce in the war with your dear body, change your relationship with food, or reduce your daily stress by making healthier choices – Mindful Eating is the perfect starting point.

    Let me introduce you to our Dear Body program:

    Are you:

    • Beating yourself up with negative thoughts around body, weight and food?
    • Obsessing about all the latest ‘rules’ around food and exercise?
    • Feeling trapped in a cycle of rating yourself as ‘good’ or ‘bad’ in relation to your food and exercise choices?
    • Stressed and overwhelmed by day-to-day life, and as a result, making poor nutritional choices?

    Will you be joining us on one of our upcoming mindfulness retreats? Get more information here

    Our Six Steps to Freeing the Body and Loving the Mind program is the perfect way to integrate mindfulness into your life and to live a life free from the relentless rules and toxic chatter about diet.

    Or, if you are brand new to Mindful Eating, you might like to start with our free video mini-course and digital copy of our popular book – ’28 Simple Steps Toward Mindful Eating’.

     Mindful Eating will help you…

    • Experience more positive and loving moments
    • Become more present, focused and clear
    • Finally enjoy food without guilt
    • Heal what’s causing you to over (or under) eat
    • Deal with the relentless chatter of shame and ‘not good enough’ once and for all
    • Let your body finds its natural body weight and have it stay there without effort

    Isn’t it time for more calm and contentment so you can focus on the joy and beauty of life?

    We are passionate about helping you,through Mindful Eating, to turn your eating and food related challenges into opportunities for growth. We know that diets are not the solution. They (literally) continue to feed the problem.

    The Six Steps to Loving the Body and Freeing the Mind program is a radical new approach that will not only help with your eating related issues, but benefit all aspects of your life as well.

    Not only does it call a truce in the war with your body and mind, but it will lead you to a life filled with more calm, ease and inner kindness.

    Ready to get started with Mindful Eating?

    mindful eating

    There are three ways for you to embrace Six Steps to Loving the Body and Freeing The Mind:

    1. Register now for our unique and powerful Mindful Eating online program to change your attitude to your dear body, to food and to the habits that are holding you back.
    2. Do you prefer private coaching? We work with clients around the world to develop mindfulness related to eating and food. We can provide face-to-face sessions in Sydney and Newcastle, Australia.  Email Charlotte for more information.
    3. Experience the power of total mindfulness at one of our immersive retreats, held in the luxurious surroundings of Bali’s Zen Resort. New dates to be announced in 2017.

    MINDFUL EATING TIP: Simply place your utensils down between mouthfuls. We can’t pay full attention to the experience of the food in our mouth if at the same timewe are stacking our fork or spoon. For regular free tips, please join our mailing list here.


    Testimonials after retreats and coaching:

    ” I am now travelling through France and Germany where the food is delicious but nevertheless I am eating only what my body needs.  I can feel the power of my choices…I now trust my body to choose correctly.  My waist measurement keeps getting smaller without any effort which is an unexpected bonus…Thank-you Charlotte for your wonderful retreat.  My body and my spirit thanks you.” Manager, Public Service

    “I found out that I had reached my first 10kg weight loss goal when I got home, so that wasn’t not a bad side effect of Mindful Eating! ” Teacher

    “Excellent workshop. Charlotte is a skilled facilitator who brought up today’s research, gentleness, compassion, incredible skills in teaching mindfulness and managed the group beautifully. I have learnt so much more than expected through addressing deeper issues through mindfulness. I would hugely recommend this course to anyone open to change and looking for a more mindful way of living and a more positive and kinder relationship with self and food. Alexandra Frost Clinical Psychologist (by the way, as a side effect, I have already ten days later lost 3 KG).” Recent retreat participant

    “I attended a ball last Saturday night and didn’t realize at first how much eating mindfully has already become a habit and that I naturally put my knife and fork down between each bite!” Business consultant

    “Food definitely tastes better and am eating quite a lot less and enjoying it more.  I am a lot more mindful about where our food is coming from. Thinking more about choices in what I eat as well as engaging as I eat.” Psychologist PhD 

    “Thanks Charlotte, Mindful Eating is working for me and my family. I am now teaching the boys before we eat a meal to identify the food and talk about where it came from. Educational and fun.” C.E.O.

    “I wanted to let you know that I really enjoy the course. Like perhaps many other participants I have tried different diet and nutritional approaches before, but “failed” because they didn’t really address the underlying emotions, compulsions and triggers. The mindful eating course is what I needed and what will hopefully help me in the long-term. Thanks for your great work!”

    Research shows that: Mindful Eating is a powerful tool in establishing a healthy relationship with our body * Mindful Eating is a powerful ‘non’ diet’ * Mindful Eating reduces stress and depression * Mindful Eating reduces negative self talk * Mindful Eating increases self compassion* Mindfulness reduces cellular ageing* Mindfulness keeps the brain ‘agile’ * Mindfulness reduces blood pressure * Mindfulness improves our memory * Mindfulness promotes emotional regulation * Mindfulness promotes resilience * Mindfulness reduces rumination * Mindfulness increases focus and attention * Mindfulness improves quality of sleep.