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  • What is keeping us from using the Strength Perspective?

    The main factor which can keep us from using the Strength Perspective is having beliefs which oppose the concept, so here is a story:

    A man went off to war, survived and arrived home to hear that his village had been ransacked by rebels who burnt his house down.  He was also told that his son had died, his body burnt beyond recognition.  He wept while clinging on to a blanket that had belonged to his son.  He mourned so much that there was room for nothing else in his life.  His marriage fell apart and eventually he spent most of his time in a hut by himself, just sitting there with his son’s blanket.

    His son had however not died, rather the rebels who burnt his house had recognised him as a strong boy who could be useful in the fields, so he had worked the fields for them for years and survived that way.  When he turned twenty he had the opportunity to try to find his family, so he went to his home village, and knocked on the door to his father’s hut.  His father asked who it was and he answered “I am your son”.  He was alive!  The father answered “that could not be right, my son is dead”.  This conversation was repeated several times until the son gave up, turned around and left.

    Moral of the story?

    Sometimes we hang on so hard to our beliefs that even when reality presents itself quite differently we don’t let go of the belief.

    Someone close to me has a strong attachment to his worries around financial security.  He is very well off and yet still carries around this feeling of concern about his financial situation.

    In order to experience freedom of thought, we need to let go of beliefs that do not serve us.  What are some of yours?

    Victim? Life is tough?  People are selfish?  I have to do it all and have no support? etc.  Sometimes it can be hard to see our own patterns, so ask someone close to you to see if they are aware of a belief pattern of yours.


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