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  • How does your garden grow?

    Are you tending to your Inner Garden?

    What happens when we don’t tend to our garden?

    It is likely that the more precious plants die, the weeds may survive depending on the soil, sun and rain; in other words the circumstances will determine what does well.

    Would it make sense to only tend to the garden when most of the precious plants are wilting or when it is completely overgrown with weeds?


    Why does it make sense that we treat ourselves like that?  What makes it ok that we are mostly full of and focussed on weeds while our preciousness is wilting? Weeds being stress, rumination, greed, hatred, wining and whinging, competitiveness, ignorance, jealousy, worry, physical unwellness, dullness, lack of lustre of life, general negativity and problem focus etc etc etc

    Would it make sense that we only bother with the garden in order to deal with the weeds?

    Is that not our conventional view of mental and emotional health?

    Yet, what would provide the maximum conditions for the garden?  Regular tending; involving watering, feeding, pulling out of weeds, trimming, pulling off dead heads…. and changing the soil occasionally.

    You may be ok at doing this physically for yourself, but what about emotionally? How well do you tend to the positive emotions, ensuring that they are at the forefront of your experience? How well do you pull out the negative emotions? How well do you change your context and perspective regularly? How well do you get rid of old beliefs that don’t serve you any longer?

    The most precious plants in your garden are: compassion and kindness for self and others, joy, gratitude and inner peace.

    These plants actually bring such health to the whole garden, that once strong enough they leave no space for weeds. But they do need to be watered regularly (practiced), they need tending to until they have roots that are deep and strong enough to be self sustaining.

    This is your life and you have the power to cultivate positive emotions and weed out negative, but you have to be awake and aware to do so. This is what mindfulness does or a day on gratitude, a day on inner peace, a day on Grand Mind Design, daily meditation etc.

    The social aspect of tending to the garden is important too, it is inspirational to see the garden and beautiful flowers of others and to be there as support while they are pulling out weeds!

    Are you leaving your experience of life to circumstance or are you cultivating the good, the healthy and the beautiful?



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