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  • Christmas Presence

    The food and the house is of course not all it takes to make Christmas a celebration of life. What are we all craving? A time of peace, ease and joy?

    At the heart of this is how well we manage our attention.
    You can see how you are faring HERE.

    The challenge when it comes to our attention is that it so easily gets hijacked by fear and stress.  It has to be this way, our reptilian brain needs to warn us, to keep us safe.

    Christmas is a time filled with expectations and when there is a gap between our expectations and our perception of reality, we get anxious, stressed, the mind says: ‘this is not how it should be, the now is not right’. That means our attention gets hijacked, and the amygdalae are activated, watching out for problems and dangers and so the cycle rolls!

    The best investment in a good Christmas is directing your attention towards Gratitude.

    There is no doubt that gratitude is the quickest and easiest way to increase wellbeing.  Not only do people who see themselves as grateful feel more energetic, healthier, more optimistic and more empathic.  They are also less vulnerable to clinical depression, able to deal better with adversity and to build strong relationships. (Stephen Post PHd – ‘Why Good things happen to Good People’)

    The more we pay attention to what we are grateful for, the more it will naturally come to the forefront of our experience.  By paying attention we train the brain in a certain direction, so when paying attention to gratitude we are training neurons linked with gratitude.  Those neurons that are trained fire clearer and stronger signals, and so they will naturally be what appear most clearly in our awareness.

    We can choose our focus; abundance or scarcity, beauty or ugliness, kindness or cruelty, they all exist to some extent in our lives.  When we pay careful attention, we notice that there is much more of the good, it is just that our attention tends to be hijacked by the negative.

    Start with giving yourself 14 minutes to experience our Christmas gift for you  – Meditation on Gratitude – Gratitude focus – the most powerful way to enhance all that is good over the festive season and enjoy your Christmas presence!  Enjoy!

    Give thanks for a little and you will find a lot.
    A Nigerian proverb

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