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  •  Upcoming Events

    Mindful Living & Mindful Leadership Retreat:

    21 – 29 May 2016 Zen Resort, Bali, Indonesia

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    Dear Body Mindful Eating Program

    5 Session Workshop at the Hunter Diabetes Centre

    June 7th/14th/21st at 7pm to 9pm

    June 11th/18th at 9am to 1pm

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    Mindful Eating - Dear Body

    8 - 10 June 2016, Billabong Retreat, Maraylya, Sydney, NSW

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    Mindful Eating - Dear Body

    10-12 June 2016, Golden Door, Hunter Valley, NSW

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    Mindful Living

    5-7 August 2016, Golden Door, Hunter Valley

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    Mindfulness Symposium:

    in partnership with UTS Sydney for more information Email Charlotte

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  • Upcoming Events

    Dear Body Mindful Eating Program 5 Session Workshop at the Hunter Diabetes Centre June 7th/14th/21st at 7pm to 9pm June 11th/18th at 9am to 1pm Mindful Living & Mindful Leadership Retreat: 21 – 29 May 2016 Zen Resort, Bali, Indonesia
  • The Mindfulness Clinic

    Do you want to feel better, much better? Then you’re in the right place.

    Mindfulness is an ancient practice now backed by science that replaces pain, confusion and dissatisfaction with calm, kindness and clarity.

    The Mindfulness Clinic’s Charlotte Thaarup merges mindfulness, the latest brain research from the world’s leading scientists and over 20 years of personal and clinical experience, to help you feel better, think better  and live better.

    Whether you’re looking to improve your wellbeing, to treat your body kindly and enjoy better health or to create a productive and stress free work environment, we have plenty to guide you with our retreats, private coaching, group training and online programs.

    Find out More:

    Scroll down on this page to see the complete range of our Mindfulness Clinic workshops, private coaching and online programs.

    You may not yet understand the full power of mindfulness and that’s okay. But…

    Are you ready for positive changes in your life?

    Mindfulness is your pathway to a more positive, focused, and joyful life as it transforms your reactive mind into a more proactive and focused one.

    Think about the current quality of your life. Have you recently felt any of these? If so take comfort, you are not alone, but we are here to help.















    OR have you experienced ALL of the above?

    Most of us are born with a mind that is a bit like an untrained puppy – energetic, busy and reactive. On top of that we’re just so busy and overwhelmed by the expectations of family, friends and society on how we “should” live, what’s “expected” of us, what “rules” we must follow. Throw in never ending to do lists, shrinking deadlines and massive amounts of multi-tasking and it’s no wonder we feel our lives spinning “out of control”.

    The good news is that the Mindfulness Clinic can help bring you more joy, energy, control and clarity to your life.

    You can choose from three pathways to begin your Mindfulness journey.

    1. Through Mindfulness and Wellbeing we offer private coaching (Email Request), rejuvenating retreats and group workshops.

    2. Mindfulness@Work includes incredible corporate group training programs as well as world-class executive leadership retreats.

    3. Our Mindful Eating program is unlike any other in the world. An extraordinarily powerful six-week online program and/or private coaching (Email Request) as well as our deeply transformative retreats in Bali (check our retreat dates).

    While you get to know us via the many resources on this site we invite you to download our free 10-minute attention-training audio. Practice this daily and you will see your ability to focus and become much more present skyrocket!

    Are you keen to learn more about Mindfulness? Here are some commonly asked questions.

    Research shows that: Mindfulness reduces stress & depression * Mindfulness reduces cellular aging * Mindfulness keeps the brain ‘agile’ * Mindfulness reduces blood pressure * Mindfulness improves our memory * Mindfulness promotes emotional regulation * Mindfulness promotes resilience * Mindfulness reduces rumination * Mindfulness increases Wellness* Mindfulness increases focus and attention * Mindfulness improves quality of sleep * Mindfulness increases our feeling of happiness and contentment.

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    Dear Body June 2016

    Join us for

    Dear Body: The Mindful Way To Body And Mind Change

    Workshop Series

    June 2016